Where to Splurge on Your Bathroom Remodel

Per the U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study in 2020, guest bathrooms were one of the most popular rooms for renovating, with 25% of respondents saying they intended to renovate in the upcoming year. While trends may show which rooms are popular for renovating, the bathroom itself still stands out as one of the top starting points for a whole home remodeling project. The main priority of a bathroom is the function, although this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Top professional home remodeling contractors will make sure your bathrooms are 100% functional without sacrificing comfort, style, or design. They will ensure that you can conveniently and easily use your bathrooms while enjoying luxurious features, as well.

Know Where to Spend and Splurge

Whole home remodeling contractors can make any bathroom an appealing space. Convert the bathroom in the master suite into a place that feels more like a spa with luxurious features, such as heated floors. Professional home remodeling services can transform an otherwise utilitarian space into one of the most elegant and serene rooms in your home. Begin remodeling your home by having the bathrooms fully transformed.

Professional Home Remodeling Contractors Ensure Form Meets Function in Bathroom Flooring

A gorgeously ornate bathroom floor can be a necessity when it comes to creating a luxurious bathroom where form meets function. Of course, the flooring needs to be slip-resistant. Beyond that, the bathroom floor as décor is crucial to interior design. A superbly crafted floor will mark the room as modern and exquisite. Updated bathroom flooring is truly inspiring and adds eye-appeal and quality to a contemporary abode. Abstract layouts and the look of raw stone can make any bathroom a luxury retreat. Discuss flooring options with your design build remodeling contractor to find the one that best suits each bathroom in your home.

Only the Most Stunning Designs for Tile Will Due

Whether you want a gorgeous vanity backsplash or a mosaic wall in the shower, only the most stunning designs from professional home remodeling contractors for tile will do. An expert whole home remodeling contractor has the skills to transition a boring bathroom into an upscale bathroom with stunning tiles, inlaid designs, and patterns in a vibrant array of shades. Intricate schemes with bold hues transform the everyday use of the lavatory into a luxurious retreat. Incorporate undulating wave patterns to evoke fluidity and calm, or dramatic rug layouts in the form of hexagonal tiles that add the right amount of edge. Combine materials such as tile and marble for a remarkable palatial effect. A place of cleansing is a place of purifying where beauty helps restore you spiritually and physically.

Splurge on Beautiful Bathroom Cabinets

Don’t skimp on cabinet designs. Instead, choose vanity cabinets that are durable without sacrificing luxury. The cabinets are going to set the tone for the entire bathroom. Choose from modern cabinets that can be wall-hung to freestanding vanities that are fine furniture. Professional home remodeling contractors will be able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the perfect solution, as well as ensuring the plumbing works impeccably.

The Shower Has Become Its Own Luxurious Room

The shower has evolved and become its own luxurious room. Design build remodeling contractors know how to equip a luxe shower with an exquisite array of comforting elements such as spray heads, a rain shower head, aromatherapy, color therapy, and seating. The shower has become the new lavish bathroom element in high-end homes.

Achieve Your Desired Aesthetics

Include your desired aesthetics in every facet of your bathroom remodel. Skilled design build contractors have a planning process in place that assists clients in getting the results they want by creating a list. Together, the luxurious bathroom you’ve always wanted will be designed, built, and created to your exact standards. Prepare for your expectations to be exceeded.

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