What is McBride’s Design/Build Difference

What is design-build?

Design/build is a method you can use on your next construction project that assigns one firm to do the design and construction. This is a different approach from the traditional construction process, where you would hire an architectural firm to design a structure, and then request bids from contractors to build the structure based on the design. You can compare design-build to design-bid-build here.

In design-build, you communicate with a single point of contact for both the design and construction of your project. This may be a better approach to take because it can help you reduce risks and control costs. For example, if your design is seen as impractical from the builder’s perspective, you have the opportunity to discover and resolve the issue with your design-build contractor before significant work is started. In turn, this will reduce your overall costs and lead to better results.

Having a single point of contact also helps you, as the homeowner, to maintain control over your project. Instead of having multiple design and construction budgets to oversee, you can use design-build to help you negotiate an overall cost for completing the project and moving forward in construction with the same team that initiated the design.

Having a single driving force working with you may provide real advantages, considering all the risks and errors that can occur during a construction project. The Design/Build method helps increase your involvement and control over the project management and communication, which will ultimately help you complete your project successfully, with less stress and frustration.

The McBride Difference

A design-build company such as McBride Construction can often offer an easier and more affordable remodeling solution. From the very beginning of your project, our team of professionals make it a collaborative effort to draw up your plans and be held accountable for the final result. Our mission statement, “to provide superior quality construction and remodeling services, while doing what it takes to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for the client”, infiltrates every aspect of our business. Read more about our McBride Method here, and give us a call for your next construction or remodeling project.

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