Tips for Designing a Luxurious Outdoor Living Space

Currently, people are spending more time at home. This has caused a surge in home remodeling to transition homes into luxury accommodations. It has also caused homeowners to turn to experts for renovation projects, with over 88% of homeowners using the services of professionals since 2017. Design-build remodeling contractors are the best at planning and constructing home renovations to your exact specifications. Professional home remodeling contractors are hired for more than just the interior of a home. They also specialize in seamlessly extending living space into the outdoors.

How Would You Like to Change Your Outdoor Space?

How do you envision plans for professional home remodeling when it comes to changes in your back yard? Whole-home renovations that include the outdoors are even more popular in 2021. Outdoor renovations give you the opportunity to use all of your property while being immersed in gorgeous landscaping. Create a new view and add more to your outdoor spaces with the following fantastic ideas.

The Finest Details Matter

The finest details definitely matter. Have an inviting outdoor kitchen and cozy dining areas created as part of a professional home remodeling project. Top kitchen remodeling contractors can create a magnificent outdoor kitchen for you that includes modern conveniences. Those plans can include toasty fire pits and fireplaces that make entertaining possible year-round. Of course, ambient lighting, porch swings, technology, and amazing flooring are all part of transitioning the great outdoors into a cozy living space.

Inspiring Ideas Are Perfect for Upgrading Outdoor Spaces

Pergolas covered in greenery are perfect for offering shade and beauty. Lighting can come from lanterns and strings of lights to add a warm and glowing ambiance. When you discuss what you envision with professional home remodeling contractors, they will do their very best to bring your ideas to life using superior materials. Design-build remodeling services offered by premier firms know how to infuse your backyard with style and class.

Color Is an Exceptionally Bright Feature

Add pizazz to your backyard with a splash of color. Have a covered patio reflect your eclectic taste with bright shades of enamel paint or choose colorful Moroccan tiles for the flooring. Set the scene with comfortable modular seating dotted with vibrant pillows that invite visitors to relax and enjoy the space. Add a rattan hanging chair as special seating among Boston ferns hanging from the ceiling as a fancy focal point.

Resort-Style Living Starts with Creative Walkways

Try something new and different to transition your backyard into a resort-style atmosphere with various angles of concrete rectangles separated via small strips of turf-grass for walkways. Concrete slabs of differing sizes can be set individually in any style you prefer. Strategically placed water fountains offer a tranquil setting within this garden walkway design. Commune and relax in nature with sections of your yard offering attractive walking spaces between each outdoor home addition.

Multi-Level Decks Offer More Space

Professional home remodeling contractors know how to maximize space. Open, multi-level decks are ideal and can offer sweeping views of your yard and privacy with intelligently-placed screens. With careful planning, there can be plenty of space for an inviting hot tub — perfect for soaking in the daytime or night. This type of deck exudes relaxation when built using attractive materials and carefully placed furniture such as sun loungers.

The Front Porch Has Become the New Social Setting

Porch swings are the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Curl up with a good book or share your day with neighbors that want to catch up. A front porch swing can become the central point for patios and decks at the front of your home, or hang directly in front of your home. Make more room for relaxation and have a swinging daybed installed that makes taking a nap in the shade even more attractive.

If you’re ready to create a luxurious outdoor living space, contact McBride Remodeling today.

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