The Benefits of Having Multiple Rooms Remodeled at Once

When it is time to renovate multiple rooms in your home, consider multiple home addition renovations being executed at the same time. This may sound like an impossible task. However, top design build remodeling contractors specialize in home addition renovations of multiple rooms. Not surprising, up to 35% of remodeling projects include the entire home, i.e. whole home renovations. While many design build remodeling teams do an excellent job keeping your home relatively clean, it just makes sense to have multiple rooms transformed while your home is subjected to construction noise, debris, dust, paint fumes, drop cloths, and craftsmen.

Shorter Disruptions Keep Your Lifestyle Intact

No one really wants their lifestyle interrupted by messes. While it can be messy, it is still better to have home addition renovations executed for more than one room at a time. Start different room renovation projects together with the assistance of a home addition contractor who will make better use of your time by renovating many rooms at once.

You might consider making plans to move out while your home is being remodeled, or if you have a suitable basement, move into the space for the length of time it takes to complete the renovations. A first step could be to renovate your basement to include a kitchen and bathroom to ensure you have a livable space while renovations are in progress. Later the new livable space is perfect for guests.

Unified Designs Flow Better

Home addition renovations of connected open-space rooms such as the kitchen, dining room, and living room just flow better when they happen all at once. Home addition contractors are better able to streamline styles, textures, and colors so they flow effortlessly throughout connected rooms. Open-floor concept homes fully benefit from a unified design model and add an air of elegance.

Home Addition Renovations Move Quicker When Done Together

Projects for multiple rooms can be streamlined and finished quicker than individually planned renovations. Multiple home addition renovations are more efficient and let you start enjoying your luxuriously renovated home that much sooner.

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