Dave McBride and Earl

Covid-19 Operational Update 6/17/2020

WOW it has been a long and unpredictable four months! From the heart break of COVID-19 deaths, shutting down business, sheltering in place and now racial unrest, I’m pleased to say we’ve weathered the challenges and are ready to support our clients. Most businesses are now open, or are opening, in Northern Michigan and are ready to serve their customers in new and creative ways. I can personally tell things are getting back to normal as I hear more and more traffic outside my office window.

Here at McBride Remodeling we have made many adjustments to our work procedures to support the new realities created by the COVID virus. From wearing masks, zoom meetings, disinfecting job sites – as well disinfecting where ever necessary – we have risen to the challenge.

I personally want to thank all of my staff who pitched in to make the necessary changes required to keep us in business. I also want to thank our very loyal and dedicated trades who have also risen to the occasion, without them we would not be here today. I especially want to thank all of our loyal customers who supported us during and after the shutdown. You all have been more than generous with your resources as well as being patient as we adapted and navigated these new situations.

When I started this business 38 years ago I had no idea we would have to meet these challenges. My team was assembled to be proficient in dealing with the day-to-day challenges of remodeling your home. Now that same team is even more resilient and exceptional, and has proven it’s able to take on any political, economic or virus-born challenge that comes our way. I am very excited to see what the future holds and want you to know we will be here through thick and thin to help you with your challenging projects.

We are PROUD to be open for business and always have time to work with you to review ideas on how to make your home the oasis you have dreamed of!


Dave McBride

P.S. The photo was taken 24 hours after the state allowed barber shops to open. I was one of the few in the state that did not break the law and to get a back door hair cut!!!