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3 Things Whole Home Remodeling Contractors Are Predicting in 2023

Whole home remodeling contractors have some predictions for 2023. Last year, remodeling home contractors predicted that kitchen remodeling projects were going to be a huge focus for homeowners. According to Kitchen Infinity, the predictions were right on target. Kitchen remodeling was on the upswing, and by March of 2022, had already seen an increase of 23% over the year before. Here are this year’s predictions.

1. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Whole home remodeling contractors are predicting that energy-efficient remodeling will be a focus for 2023. Homeowners will choose remodeling projects that help them to reign in their energy costs. At the same time, it is predicted that homeowners will focus on using sustainable materials in their home improvement projects.

Expect to see a push for bamboo flooring and other sustainable materials as well as upcycling of materials and goods in the coming year. Homeowners are becoming more conscious of the impact that home improvement has on the environment.

2. Complete Redesigns Will Be Big

In the coming year, more homeowners will consider restructuring the design of their homes to make them more livable for their lifestyle. More homeowners this year will decide not to upgrade their lifestyle by moving. Instead, they will tap into the possibilities in their own home.

According to whole home remodeling contractors, homeowners will put more effort into the design of their home including re-designing living areas to create open floor plans. People will move less this coming year and remodel more.

3. Remodeling for Future Needs

As the population ages, we will see more homeowners remodeling to prepare for future needs. Whether those needs are creating more space for aging parents or remodeling the space to ensure aging in place is easier. There will be a big remodeling trend that prepares homes for future needs.

Whole home remodeling contractors are immersed in the remodeling market and have their finger on the pulse of how home remodeling trends fluctuate. This year’s predictions are probably right on the nose as they have been in the past years.

Remodeling contractors can transform any space. If you have a home remodeling project in mind, connect with a trusted whole home remodeling contractor today, like us at McBride Remodeling in Northern Michigan, to get your project started.

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What Kitchen Remodeling Trends Are We Expecting in 2023?

The benefit of hiring a kitchen design firm in Petoskey, Northern Michigan in the coming year is that they have all the kitchen remodeling contractors all in one place. The design and build of the kitchen are taken care of all in one place. In 2023, kitchen cabinets, shelves, organization, specific kitchen design styles, and eco-friendly sustainable materials are going to be trendy.

Kitchen Cabinets, Shelves, and Pantries

Kitchen cabinets made of natural wood and recycled materials will continue to be popular with consumers. Some kitchens will have two distinct colors for kitchen cabinets, called color blocking. An example is to have black cabinets installed on the kitchen island with gray cabinets on the perimeter. Depending on the kitchen design, bright colors for cabinets like blue, yellow, orange, or green will continue to be popular. Streamlined cabinets with no hardware will decorate many modern kitchens.

Open shelving will be a popular choice to store dishware, pots and pans, and collectibles, as it will make the kitchen appear larger. Many kitchen cabinets will have drawers in the lower cabinets to make it easier to store dishes and other cookware. Kitchen pantries to store spices, cookware, and staples can now be built into the kitchen or come as freestanding units. Many homeowners with large kitchens have a separate pantry built near the kitchen.

Kitchen Design Styles

In 2023 you’ll find many homeowners wanting to design their kitchen in a certain design or style. Scandinavian kitchen design is simple and minimalist. All white cabinets, light wood, white islands, and appliances are some features. Some consumers add splashes of color to the white decor, with appliances, counters, backsplashes, or kitchen islands.

Vintage kitchens are popular for those that like antiques. Vintage kitchens often have classic ranges, refrigerators, and other appliances. Some companies manufacture vintage appliances or sell them. Vintage kitchens can have antique furniture, pastel colors, wallpaper, and a built-in pantry. They combine the old and the new.

Country-style, modern, and retro-style kitchen might crop up in 2023. Our kitchen remodeling contractors can assist with designing all types of kitchens. Just make sure to communicate your design clearly

Eco-Friendly Kitchens and Sustainable Materials

Many consumers in 2023 will want to use natural or recycled materials that are safe for the environment. Natural wood cabinets, bamboo floors, and appliances that save on electricity and water. Countertops that are made out of marble, granite, or stone will be among the popular choices. Wood or tile floors are safe and easy to maintain, as well. Kitchens will have added features with smart technology, TVs, and built-in workspaces.

Contact our McBride Remodeling today to learn more about design trends and styles. It can’t be easier than having your design team and contractors come from the same place!