Aging in Place: Plan to Stay Home

As we age, the more we understand what really matters. We value ourselves, our families, and our comfort more than ever before. This is especially true in our homes. For some, mobility and other concerns can make their beloved home uncomfortable — or even downright dangerous. 

Luckily, moving isn’t the only answer. You and your loved ones can age in place, surrounded by everything familiar that contributes to overall health and happiness. Whether you’re caring for older family members or considering your own future needs, remodeling for aging in place is an excellent option.

Many adjustments can be made to make homes safe and accessible. In bathrooms, consider walk-in showers, built-in benches, grab bars, and textured flooring to minimize slips. Kitchens could include lower counters and in-island storage that make items and workspaces more easily accessible. Throughout the home, wider doorways and walkways, as well as ramps and even elevators, are just a few of the available modifications to safely age in place.

Elevators are particularly life-changing; many homeowners believe they can’t possibly have an older loved one live with them or even stay in their own home if the home has multiple floors. Converting a section of the lower level is always an option, but many can’t or wouldn’t want to sacrifice that much space in common areas. An elevator makes the home completely accessible to everyone, with minimal disruption to the existing floorplan.

Do you have a loved one who needs modifications to their home so they can continue to live there now or in the future? Or perhaps you are coming to an age where this may be a consideration for yourself. McBride Remodeling is here to help. We have the experience and skill to make all necessary changes to safely keep you or your family members home. Don’t put off this important project any longer.  Our in-house design team can help you modify your Petoskey area home for the future to ensure you can stay in the home you love. Contact us, and we’ll start your aging-in-place remodeling plan right away.