Staying Vigilant

The most recent news on COVID in the United States is encouraging. People are getting vaccinated, cases are going down, and life is s l o w l y getting back to normal. It’s been a long road in many ways, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support our clients have shown in the past year — and always. Although we’re optimistic, McBride Remodeling continues to stay vigilant with our safety protocols. 

We also want to thank our local community and the health departments for getting the vaccine administered.  We’re grateful for your dedication. Even though most of our employees are fully vaccinated, we are still wearing masks to protect ourselves and our clients. In addition, handwashing stations and sanitizing products remain on job sites. These simple precautions will continue until we feel certain they’re no longer necessary.

Safety remains a top priority at McBride Remodeling as Petoskey opens up and people feel comfortable going out again. While the pandemic is still affecting supply chains and causing other project problems, our team is managing them as capably as possible. We’re continuing our traditions of providing exceptional service and creating incredible spaces — with a little patience and a lot of outside-the-box thinking. 

We look forward to (safely) working with you on your next remodeling project.  

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