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Several Market Factors Are Driving Demand for Home Remodeling

If you are considering remodeling some or all of your Northern Michigan home, you are not alone. Research shows that interest in starting home renovations is high. In May, 73% of consumers indicated that they were moving ahead with home improvement and remodeling projects, according to Lightstream, an online lending division of SunTrust Bank.* 

There are several factors at play here. Housing prices are high, so remodeling your primary or secondary home makes more financial sense than moving for most. Increases in the use of spaces around the home related to decreases in travel for business and pleasure have also lead to higher levels of homeowner dissatisfaction with their homes. Kitchens in particular have seen greater use, and are a major source of homeowner frustration. Privacy concerns are also driving renovations for additions, home offices, basements, and outdoor living areas to expand livable space. 

Embarrassment is another driver in the decision to remodel. The study referenced above shows that 64% of respondents say they’re embarrassed to let others see parts of their home–even on a video conference call. 

Our experience corroborates these findings. In spite of COVID-19, and to a certain extent because of it, we have been busier than ever, and have expanded our team to respond to the surge in the demand for our services. That said, we are advising anyone considering a remodeling project for 2021 to start planning now, to ensure that their project is completed in the desired time frame.

Why You Need to Start Planning Now

If you’ve never remodeled before, you might not be aware of just how much time the planning and design phases require to ensure a project that runs smoothly, stays on budget and finishes on time. Using the McBride Method, we carefully design, plan and execute your project with seamless precision–but it’s a process that can take several months or more depending on the scope of the project. 

Before we even start to swing a hammer, we collaborate with our clients to find the best designs and solutions for their individual needs and tastes. We start with an in-depth meeting to explore the possibilities, then our design team listens and gets into the details. The designs and plans are refined with our clients in this phase. Once we have an approved design, we line up our team, trade partners, vendors, and schedule the project — getting all these moving parts aligned before we start building is the key to a successful remodel.

Design-Build Advantages

Our approach to the design-build process means you are working with a unified team. We insist on clear communication and scheduling so that nothing falls through the cracks. That communication stream includes our clients, team members, and sub-contractors. Utilizing web-based construction management tools, we collaborate and communicate with clients, team members, and trade partners throughout the process to keep projects running smoothly. The result is a worry-free experience for our clients, whether they’re here in Northern Michigan or at their winter homes elsewhere across the country.  

Resources for Getting Started

We created two resources to help you get started. Our guide to whole-home remodeling and our kitchen renovation guide are tools to help you sort through all the questions and details involved in a remodeling project. 

Contact Us

If you’re ready to modify your home for the way you want to live, get in touch to get the ball rolling. Our schedule is already filling up for 2021, so don’t delay. Call us at 231-348-2749 or complete this contact form and we’ll schedule a virtual consultation meeting via Zoom. 

We look forward to helping you make your home a happier place to live!

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