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Renovate Smart by Remodeling the Attic

Keeping your home looking beautiful often calls for home renovations and remodeling. Perhaps you need another bedroom or you want a playroom or office added; however, you love the current floorplan and square footage of your home so you really don’t want a home addition. Instead, you would prefer to use the existing structure. Have you considered transforming the attic? There are actually many benefits to professional home remodeling when it comes to using attic space. Remodeling an attic into a bedroom allows you to retain nearly 65% of the construction investment, and you get the luxurious space you have always wanted while making more of the space in your home livable. Below are tips for making an attic comfortable and livable.

The Right Insulation Is Paramount

When it comes to transforming an attic using professional home remodeling services, you can depend on the advice and suggestions about insulation given by design-build remodeling contractors. Since the remodeling space is the attic and the roof is a major conduit for heat gain and loss, it is recommended that you get the best spray-foam insulation. Spray foam creates a much tighter barrier against air and provides the exact same R-value, giving you extra room overhead that fiberglass batt insulation does not.

Install a New Bathroom

It is convenient to have a bathroom installed in the attic when transforming it into a luxurious living space. Professional home remodeling contractors are more than capable of handling the task. The goal is to minimize the distance between existing plumbing and the new plumbing. This will also limit wall damage in other areas of your home when new pipes are installed. Top design-build remodeling contractors will take the time to explain the entire process, work with you to choose aesthetically pleasing fixtures and decor, and ensure that new pipes have proper venting for sewer gases and optimal water pressure.

Quiet the Floors

Typically, attics are not completely finished during the initial building stages of a home. Therefore, any activity in the space is normally heard below. There are solutions to this problem that professional home remodeling contractors can implement. Heftier floor joists go a long way in quieting any footsteps or other types of noises. The bays can also be filled with dense-pack insulation that can be blown-in. There are also other whole home remodeling solutions that will only add to the quiet. Consider using gorgeous area rugs or having luxurious carpet such as Berber, dense piled, or patterned carpet put down with high-quality padding beneath to completely hush the floor.

Air Flow and Temperatures Are Vital to Comfort

When you want maximum comfort, give your newly renovated attic its own thermostat. Professional home remodeling contractors are more than capable of creating a separate zone using your current HVAC system for the newly finished space. If by chance, the attic was not previously cooled or heated, you may need to enlarge the system. Whole home remodeling contractors will take care of everything so the transition from attic to luxurious new space goes flawlessly.

Ceiling fans assist in controlling the climate of a room. If there is enough space, have a ceiling fan installed so you benefit from better airflow. Quality ceiling fans give you the ability to reverse airflow giving cool breezes during warm months and pushing warm air down for the ultimate coziness during cold months. If you prefer more lighting, choose a ceiling fan with beautiful lighting fixtures that will softly or boldly illuminate the room at your discretion.

All of Your Desires Will Be Met

Professional design-build contractors will handle every part of remodeling your attic from the initial planning meetings until a beautifully-inspired renovation has been completed. Excellent craftsmanship is just one of the hallmarks of using an expert design-build company. The entire process will remain simple and clean with very few disruptions to your life.

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