Is keeping up with your home keeping you down?

McBride’s home maintenance and care services started at the request of our remodeling clients, who often asked us to care for their home while they are away in the winter, traveling, or are just too busy to deal with the details of coordinating services and maintaining their home.

McBride’s professional home maintenance is customizable to fit the needs of each of our clients and includes services like:

  • • Seasonal home inspections
  • • Coordinating the closing and opening of seasonal homes
  • • Storm damage inspections and repairs
  • • Complete insurance repairs and restoration
  • • Ice damage monitoring and inspection
  • • First responder services to alarm calls
  • • Coordinating and contracting for various services such as cleaning, painting, plumbing, and electrical work

Choose a package that’s right for you:

Become a McBride Property Management client and you will have access to our award-winning team of reliable and skilled professionals. When problems are identified, we are equipped to solve the issues. 



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