How to Turn Your Deck Into an Outdoor Oasis

Although 85% of U.S. homes were built prior to 1980 and are in need of improvement, necessary upgrades aren’t limited to your home’s interior. If you’re working with a design build remodeling firm on some whole home renovations, you can’t leave out your outdoor entertaining space. Whether you’ve decided to work with a home addition contractor to create a second-story balcony space or you want to revamp your existing deck and patio, you’ll want to create a sense of privacy, calm, and fun. Here are a few ideas that will help you transform your deck or outdoor space into a total oasis.

Add Pops of Color

You may be drawn to a neutral color palette inside, but you can afford to veer away from that concept once you venture outdoors. Since this space is all about relaxation and socialization, don’t be afraid to embrace some bold hues. By adding some colorful throw pillows, plants, rugs, or hanging lanterns, you can instantly take this space from dull to darling.

Make Things More Secluded

Whether you live close to your neighbors or you simply want to make your deck feel like a completely different world, you’ll want to prioritize privacy. You can make this space feel more intimate by adding frosted glass railing panels, slatted screens, fabric awnings, screen arbors, or even hanging plant baskets to the design. Your design build remodeling team may be able to make some suggestions that can incorporate or mimic elements from your interior renovations to make your property design that much more cohesive. By utilizing these ideas, your outdoor space will feel like your own private getaway.

Select a Variety of Furniture

If you’ve ever gone through whole home remodeling, you already understand the important role furniture can play in the final transformation. Although design build remodeling experts can work wonders with adding space, furniture selection can help you make the most of that space. Regardless of the size of your deck or outdoor entertaining area, you’ll want to select furniture that serves a few different purposes. Ideally, you’ll want to include different heights and that can be easily moved to accommodate different groupings and occasions.

Don’t Forget the Ambient Light

You might plan to spend all day out on the deck, but this space should be all set for evening entertainment, too! By adding some ambient light — in the form of string lights, lanterns, electric candles, or even solar-powered foot lamps — you’ll make this space feel like an exotic escape when the sun goes down. As a bonus, exterior lighting can also ensure the safety of your family and your guests (which means the party won’t have to stop any time soon).

Design build remodeling doesn’t have to be limited to the interior of your home. Whether you’re looking to expand your livable space or create a seamless transition between the inside and the outside, we’re here to help. Contact us today for further information.

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