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How to Choose the Best Hardwood Flooring for Your Kitchen

When choosing flooring for kitchen renovations, what comes to mind for many homeowners is tile, vinyl, or linoleum. However, wood flooring is also a lovely and smart choice. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), installing hardwood flooring will yield a 106% return on investment, making it a great choice. Hardwood kitchen flooring can significantly impact the look and feel of your house without even mentioning the increased market value it provides. That said, sorting through the vast selection of hardwood types might be difficult when determining which hardwood flooring is best for your kitchen. Here are the main factors to take into account to help you choose the best hardwood flooring for your kitchen.

Check Out Different Types of Wood

There is a plethora of hardwood types with varying hardiness. Oak and maple, for instance, are harder than walnut and pine. Be sure to consider the species as you select your hardwood flooring. Harder woods outlast weaker ones in terms of durability and don’t bend or dent easily. You might want to consider using solid hardwood during your kitchen renovation, as the kitchen sees a lot of activity and spills.

Consider Your Design

While most hardwood flooring offers a superior option for your kitchen, the specific choice depends substantially on the house design. If a particular type or species doesn’t complement the design of your house as a whole, you may want to consider other options. After all, your flooring’s design plays a significant role as well.

Consider the Color

Some types of wood are lighter in color than others, and vice versa. Darker colors are better at hiding crumbs and stains, while lighter colors can give the illusion that a tiny kitchen is larger. The grain pattern should also be taken into account. Luckily, when it comes to grain patterns, there is no right or wrong choice. However, you should make sure it appeals to you.

Your home’s design and personal preferences will influence which hardwood floor is best for your kitchen renovation. Spend some time looking over the many options and choose a wood type you prefer. Call us today at McBride Remodeling and we’ll help you choose the best hardwood option for your Petoskey or Northern Michigan kitchen, thanks to our extensive kitchen renovation experience.

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