Fun & Inviting Garage Guest Suite

What do you do when you love to have overnight guests at your home but don’t have the square footage to provide them the space and privacy they need? For these Indian River homeowners, the answer was to convert their garage to a fantastic suite where visitors, especially their beloved grandchildren, could stay comfortably.   

After hiring us in the past to remodel their cottage, these homeowners knew that McBride Remodeling was the right team for the job. They sat down with our talented in-house designer Paul Drayer to help them bring their vision to life, and it turned out to be everything they hoped for and more. 

Privacy & Convenience

We added an exterior door to grant entrance into the living space and to make it feel more separate from the garage. Matching exteriors help the space feel connected to the main cottage and give it a warm, home-like appeal. 

While some homeowners choose to completely convert their garage to a guest suite, this family decided to craft the best of both worlds. Though the spaces are distinct, there is still space for one vehicle inside — making this space especially functional and convenient. 

Charming Kitchen & Living Area

The charming kitchenette has everything guests might need for a midnight snack or a refreshing drink, including a beverage fridge, sink, microwave, and storage space. A pair of bar stools tucked under the counter provide the perfect place to eat, play cards, or wait for the popcorn to finish in the microwave. 

In the living area, natural light from the corner windows makes the space feel bright and comfortable. Guests have multiple seating options, and there’s even room for a TV to watch their favorite movies or shows. 

Lovely Loft

What child doesn’t appreciate a fort-like loft area to spend the night? This space-saving ladder provides a fun way to access the loft without a large footprint. Once overnight guests climb up, they’re greeted by a beautiful space with rainbow-colored beds, a picturesque view of the lake, and plenty of room to play.

This tailor-made garage space is a treasured family retreat that offers the right balance of closeness and privacy. It will be a gathering place where special memories are made for many years to come.  

Thinking of adding a guest or in-law suite to your Petoskey home? Contact Us today and have it ready by spring!

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