Make the remodeling process easier, more affordable, and simpler than ever.

What is Design-Build?

Design-Build firms like McBride Remodeling are more than builders—our talented design team and dependable construction team work together for a truly seamless project, ensuring your needs are met and executed perfectly.

Design-Build is not only easier, but can often offer a more affordable remodeling solution than hiring an architect and then putting your plans out for bid. The key to deciding what’s right for you is to understand the differences between design-bid-build and design-build:


With design-bid-build, an architect first provides the plans that will be used to build your project, then you request bids from one or more remodeling contractors. Once you approve one of the estimates and sign the construction contract, the remodeling contractor you selected then starts construction.

One of the possible downfalls of the design-bid-build process is that you can get great plans only to discover that those plans are simply too costly for you to build. At that point, you will pay for the architect to revise the plans and then you will have to repeat the bid phase, while expending unnecessary energy, cost, and frustration. Another difficulty is that you must manage more than one contract.


Design-Build firms like McBride Remodeling provide the services to design as well as to build your remodeling project, so you only have one contract. Our team of professionals draws up your plans and is held accountable for the final result. It is a collaborative effort that can save you time and money through its efficiency.
  • From the very beginning of your project, you are invited to be actively involved with our team, so the entire group can be responsive to your needs and desires. Your vision for the project, your budget needs, and your desired time frame for completion are all taken into consideration. And of course, a thorough cost estimate during the design phase reduces the likelihood of unforeseen expenditures during the material selection and construction phases.

    Our team will help guide you in the material selection so you can freely choose the products you prefer without stressing about staying within your budget. Then the project can stay on schedule and move seamlessly into the construction phase. After construction starts, communication with you will continue as needed, and you will be kept abreast of the progress. The goal of the design-build approach is to make your remodeling experience as enjoyable and positive as possible, and to guarantee that your completed project will be of the high standard of quality and design that you envisioned at the outset.

    Of course, you can work with us even if you have your own architect. We’ll help with budgetary and schedule controls as well as expert advice in the product selection process, and will make every effort to avoid surprises in design, budget, schedule or quality.

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