We take pride in our core values

Our Mission:

The mission of McBride Remodeling is to create beautiful, inspiring environments through superior quality and professionally executed craftsmanship.

McBride Core Values

Our Core Values reflect the pride we feel in the work we do.

Do The Right Thing – customer first, honesty, integrity, thoughtful, kind, fair dedicated, loyal and steady

Go the Extra Mile – strive for excellence, hungry to learn, growth oriented, expects growth in others, knowledgeable, organized, detail, good communication – asks direct questions, good systems – ways of working

Act as One Team – motivator, brings team together, accountability, positive, fun, enthusiastic, team-oriented, gives credit to others first, encouraging, relationship builder

Be Good People – treats people with respect, compassionate, available, someone to look up to, genuine/authentic, good listener, respectful, humbly confident, keep it real, no drama

Give Back – to each other, trade contractors. Focus: community, schools, hunger program, etc.

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