How Designers Make the Difference

If you’re looking at your first remodeling project, getting your arms around the entire process is daunting. If you’re a seasoned renovator, you know how complicated a project can be, and you may have encountered problems before, like too many change orders or product selections left to the last minute. 

That’s how designers make a remodeling project successful and why we are a design-build company. Whether you rely on our own in-house design pro Paul Drayer or introduce us to a designer or architect of your choice, we work closely and collaboratively to get the best results.

Count on Experience

Odds are, no matter the project you are considering, an experienced designer has already tackled something similar. While homeowners may have one or two projects under their belts, designers do this every day, in a variety of home styles and decor. They know what works, what doesn’t, and how to build in value and function in a renovation project. 

Streamlining the Process

Having a designer on your side will streamline the entire process, from your first meeting through the final touches. They know how to communicate what you want to the production team, the people who will actually build the project. They will create clear, actionable plans and documentation for all the large and small details of the design, as well as answering any questions or concerns the building crew may have, quickly. Your designer will ensure that the remodel you want is the remodel you get.

Simplify Selections

If you’re embarking on a kitchen remodel, a whole home renovation, or anything in between, the sheer number of products, appliances, finishes, and flooring choices can be overwhelming. Bathroom renovations also require you to make many choices. If you’re renovating a kitchen and creating a more open space, those selections have to take into account the style and materials used in the rooms around it — and will often lead to remodeling one or more of those areas.

A designer can help make your choices easier and smarter. They know the brands that combine quality and value, allowing you to select from a smaller pool of products that will best meet your needs and style. It’s an incredibly worthwhile service, saving you time and cutting down anxiety.

Cut Down on Change Orders

Change orders happen, but our goal is to keep them to a minimum. Working with a designer helps us achieve this goal. Change orders generally add to the cost of the project, and some are completely unforeseen, like having to repair a problem that was hidden until we opened up a wall, ceiling, or floor. Other change orders are preventable by having everything ready to go according to the planning in the design stage. A designer will make sure the selections are made, and materials are ordered and on-site when the time comes. If there’s a problem at the time the order is placed, like a certain fixture or finish is unavailable, another choice can be made quickly. This keeps the production schedule moving, avoids tacking on extra days waiting for delivery and installation.

Designing & Building

We’re proud to have Paul on our team. With years of experience in construction and a degree in architecture from U of M, he understands the design-build environment and the challenges of remodeling. Paul works collaboratively with our clients, acting as their advocate while working closely with our production team as we all work to get the best results. But we also welcome working with a designer or architect chosen by our clients. We’re proud that we can partner with them to create the home our clients dream of.

If you’re ready to get started on your next design-build project, contact McBride Remodeling today to start a conversation. 


3 Features to Reconsider in Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovations remain an extremely popular remodeling option for American homeowners. In fact, a 2017 study conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association found that more than 10 million households remodeled their kitchens in a single year.

But while many people may choose to work with kitchen remodeling contractors this year, that doesn’t mean you have to incorporate every possible design element into the final result. There may actually be some popular features that are worth skipping entirely. Whether you’re trying to streamline your design or you want to make the most of your resources, here are three features you may not need to include in your next kitchen remodel.

  1. Hardwood Floors: Arguably, there’s nothing more beautiful than hardwood floors. You might already have them throughout your house. However, if your kitchen doesn’t already have wood floors, it’s not necessarily advisable to include them in your redesign. It may look stunning at first, but you’ll have to work hard to protect it. Even with the addition of rugs, food and liquid spills are bound to happen in the kitchen. Before too long, your wood floors will show major signs of wear, tear, and warping. Ultimately, stone tile may be an even better choice. There are even porcelain tiles made to look like hardwood, which can provide much greater durability while providing the look you’re after. You’ll achieve your ideal aesthetic without the added upkeep, which is a true win/win.
  2. Extra Appliances: You might love the idea of having a chef’s kitchen, but are multiple fridges, ovens, and microwaves really necessary? Unless you work as a professional caterer or you keep a kosher kitchen, you may not have a need for duplicate appliances. What’s more, it could take away from other areas of the kitchen design you could otherwise include. When planning out your kitchen renovations, remember to carefully consider whether a feature is something you’ll truly use and can add value to your home. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t budget for an appliance you truly want and need. But if you’re going to purchase duplicate products, there should be a good reason for it. You might get more out of upgrading a single appliance — such as a six- or eight-burner stove, for example — than trying to incorporate two different ovens into the design.
  3. Small Backsplash Tiles: Backsplash tiles continue to be popular design options for many kitchen remodeling services. But while you should stay away from peel-and-stick backsplash installation, you might also reconsider the use of smaller backsplash tiles altogether. Since tiles are bound to get covered in grease in the kitchen, small ones are harder to keep clean. Aside from that, smaller mosaic tiles are waning in prevalence, as larger subway tiles and similar options have become preferable. Instead, consider using larger tiles in your kitchen renovations for ease of clean-up and a more contemporary look. This will allow you to make your kitchen feel more contemporary, especially if you include coveted subway tiles as part of your backsplash. Larger tiles in a backsplash will provide a low-maintenance, high-quality result in virtually any kitchen.

Now that you know what you may want to avoid in your kitchen remodel, you can focus on the elements you should include. Whatever your vision for your future kitchen, our team is here to make it happen. For more information, please contact McBride Remodeling today.


What Your Laundry Room Remodel Really Needs

When you own a home, it’s easy to feel like you have an endless list of chores to tackle. Undoubtedly, one of the most important household jobs is doing the laundry — and if you have children, chances are that you spend a lot of time washing clothes.

It stands to reason that if you’re spending any length of time in one space, you want that space to be both functional and visually appealing. But in so many homes, laundry room design is treated as an afterthought. Since the remodeling industry is expected to grow by 2% annually through 2025, there’s never been a better time to work with design build remodeling contractors in your area to remodel your laundry room. Let’s take a look at just a few of the must-haves this area should feature.

Excellent Lighting

Too often, laundry areas lack the lighting necessary to really get the job done. How can you expect to pick out stains to treat or read laundering instructions without enough light? Whether your laundry room is located in your basement, entryway, or converted closet, an important part of professional home remodeling is ensuring you can see properly. Natural light is ideal, of course, but it’s not always possible in every location. Talk to your design build remodeling contractors about the possibility of adding windows or some additional lighting to this space to make it feel fresh and bright.

Lots of Storage

Washing and drying clothes in a cramped space can be challenging. Of course, you’ll need enough room to utilize drying racks and to sort clothes properly. But you may also benefit from some added wall storage. Not only will you want to have all essential supplies nearby, such as dryer sheets, detergent, stain treatments, and mesh bags for delicate items, but you may also need some extra space to store miscellaneous household items, like cleaning supplies, outdoor equipment, and assorted linens. Your design build remodeling contractors will want to know more about your storage needs during the design phase so they can make adjustments to suit your priorities.

Water-Resistant Flooring

It’s understandable that many homeowners would want to keep their laundry room design as affordable as possible. But don’t be afraid to go beyond basic linoleum or vinyl flooring. Although linoleum is technically water-resistant, it can still become damaged due to excessive moisture. If your laundry room is located in the basement or your washing machine should overflow or break, you’ll want to invest in flooring that’s a bit more durable. Tile can be a great option that will provide water-resistance, durability, and improved aesthetic appeal without going over-budget.

Counter Space

We mentioned that having additional storage space is a must, but you’ll also need adequate counter space to attend to all of your laundry tasks. You’ll need a place to treat stains, to sort delicates into mesh bags, and to fold freshly laundered clothing and linens. Feel free to explore different options with your design build remodeling contractors, including both permanent counter space and fold-down tables.

A Stylish Sink

It may seem like a waste to splurge on your laundry room sink, but this one design element can give your home better resale value. Think beyond the basic utility sink made of plastic and consider a farmhouse or stainless steel option. It will bring a sense of style to the space while also allowing for superior functionality and value.

Whether you need a minimal laundry room renovation or you’re looking for the finest whole home remodeling contractors Petoskey has to offer, our team is here for you. To learn more, please contact McBride Remodeling today.


How to Turn Your Deck Into an Outdoor Oasis

Although 85% of U.S. homes were built prior to 1980 and are in need of improvement, necessary upgrades aren’t limited to your home’s interior. If you’re working with a design build remodeling firm on some whole home renovations, you can’t leave out your outdoor entertaining space. Whether you’ve decided to work with a home addition contractor to create a second-story balcony space or you want to revamp your existing deck and patio, you’ll want to create a sense of privacy, calm, and fun. Here are a few ideas that will help you transform your deck or outdoor space into a total oasis.

Add Pops of Color

You may be drawn to a neutral color palette inside, but you can afford to veer away from that concept once you venture outdoors. Since this space is all about relaxation and socialization, don’t be afraid to embrace some bold hues. By adding some colorful throw pillows, plants, rugs, or hanging lanterns, you can instantly take this space from dull to darling.

Make Things More Secluded

Whether you live close to your neighbors or you simply want to make your deck feel like a completely different world, you’ll want to prioritize privacy. You can make this space feel more intimate by adding frosted glass railing panels, slatted screens, fabric awnings, screen arbors, or even hanging plant baskets to the design. Your design build remodeling team may be able to make some suggestions that can incorporate or mimic elements from your interior renovations to make your property design that much more cohesive. By utilizing these ideas, your outdoor space will feel like your own private getaway.

Select a Variety of Furniture

If you’ve ever gone through whole home remodeling, you already understand the important role furniture can play in the final transformation. Although design build remodeling experts can work wonders with adding space, furniture selection can help you make the most of that space. Regardless of the size of your deck or outdoor entertaining area, you’ll want to select furniture that serves a few different purposes. Ideally, you’ll want to include different heights and that can be easily moved to accommodate different groupings and occasions.

Don’t Forget the Ambient Light

You might plan to spend all day out on the deck, but this space should be all set for evening entertainment, too! By adding some ambient light — in the form of string lights, lanterns, electric candles, or even solar-powered foot lamps — you’ll make this space feel like an exotic escape when the sun goes down. As a bonus, exterior lighting can also ensure the safety of your family and your guests (which means the party won’t have to stop any time soon).

Design build remodeling doesn’t have to be limited to the interior of your home. Whether you’re looking to expand your livable space or create a seamless transition between the inside and the outside, we’re here to help. Contact us today for further information.

Dave McBride and Earl

Covid-19 Operational Update 6/17/2020

WOW it has been a long and unpredictable four months! From the heart break of COVID-19 deaths, shutting down business, sheltering in place and now racial unrest, I’m pleased to say we’ve weathered the challenges and are ready to support our clients. Most businesses are now open, or are opening, in Northern Michigan and are ready to serve their customers in new and creative ways. I can personally tell things are getting back to normal as I hear more and more traffic outside my office window.

Here at McBride Remodeling we have made many adjustments to our work procedures to support the new realities created by the COVID virus. From wearing masks, zoom meetings, disinfecting job sites – as well disinfecting where ever necessary – we have risen to the challenge.

I personally want to thank all of my staff who pitched in to make the necessary changes required to keep us in business. I also want to thank our very loyal and dedicated trades who have also risen to the occasion, without them we would not be here today. I especially want to thank all of our loyal customers who supported us during and after the shutdown. You all have been more than generous with your resources as well as being patient as we adapted and navigated these new situations.

When I started this business 38 years ago I had no idea we would have to meet these challenges. My team was assembled to be proficient in dealing with the day-to-day challenges of remodeling your home. Now that same team is even more resilient and exceptional, and has proven it’s able to take on any political, economic or virus-born challenge that comes our way. I am very excited to see what the future holds and want you to know we will be here through thick and thin to help you with your challenging projects.

We are PROUD to be open for business and always have time to work with you to review ideas on how to make your home the oasis you have dreamed of!


Dave McBride

P.S. The photo was taken 24 hours after the state allowed barber shops to open. I was one of the few in the state that did not break the law and to get a back door hair cut!!!


Simple Ways to Add Style to Your White Bathroom

At a time when most of us have been staying home more than ever, it’s no wonder that you might have design build remodeling on the mind. The remodeling industry was already expected to grow by 2% annually through 2025 — and now that we have more time to fixate on every room, it’s likely that whole home renovations might become even more popular.

That being said, whole home remodeling isn’t your only option. In many cases, you can make a huge impact by focusing on just one space. For many homeowners, the main bathroom can be a source of frustration. While it should act as a spa-like oasis, it may be too cluttered to be as functional as it needs to be. Your design build remodeling experts can help you improve your bathroom, and provide suggestions on ways to add interest.

All-white bathrooms feel clean and fresh — which is why they’ve become so popular in recent years. But there can be too much of a good thing. If you know you want a white bathroom but want to keep it from feeling too sterile or bland, here are a few ways you can infuse some style into the design.

Install Some Subway Tiles

A popular element of many kitchen remodeling projects, subway tiles can also be used to great effect in bathroom renovations. Although many traditional styles of subway tiles are white or off-white, they can add interest to any space due to their dark grout. You can use subway tiles as a shower mosaic or continue the tiling throughout the bathroom space to give it a slightly more industrial or vintage feel. Even though you’ll still be playing with neutrals, these tiles will give the room more character from the onset.

Be Creative with Fixtures

Even if you love the look of white countertops, floors, cabinets, and walls, you can’t have every single element in the bathroom be devoid of color. A good way to add a pop of interest, even if it’s still in a neutral hue, is with your choice in fixtures. Your cabinet knobs, sink handles, grab bars, and light fixtures can easily allow you to add a bit of flare. Whether they be rose gold, polished brass, or even matte black, these fixtures will make your bathroom feel anything but boring.

Add Texture and Dimension

Adding pops of color with your sink or cabinetry can be a good way to make a bathroom look less mundane. But if you don’t enjoy the thought of a bolder hue in this space, you can add some visual interest with textural elements and extra dimension. Floating shelves, framed mirrors, area rugs, shiplap walls, or carefully chosen decor can make your design come to life — even if the room is mostly white in tone. You can always talk to your design build remodeling contractor to figure out how (and where) to add some interest without disrupting your neutral color scheme.

The Tub as a Statement Piece

Although some people think all they need is a shower, a bathtub is integral to a relaxing atmosphere. So if your design build remodeling company determines there’s enough space for a bathtub as part of your renovated design, you might want to consider making it more of a statement. A clawfoot tub or slipper tub can make any space look instantly more charming. Even if it’s an entirely white bathtub, it’ll totally stop the show — and provide a relaxing soak whenever you need to de-stress.

In the end, white doesn’t have to be boring. It all comes down to the design. We’ll ensure that your bathroom renovation or home addition becomes the pièce de résistance of your house. For more information, please contact us today.


How Can I Add a Warmer Touch to My Kitchen?

The kitchen is commonly known as the heart of the home — and for good reason. It’s the space where we celebrate, socialize, and enjoy countless shared meals with people we love. Not surprisingly, this room is high on the list of priorities for homeowners. According to a recent study conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, more than 10 million U.S. household remodel their kitchens on an annual basis.

Of course, many of those kitchen renovations likely followed well-known trends. Some of the most popular kitchen designs involve brightening up the space, incorporating whites and neutrals, and generally making the room look fresh and clean. While this can be an effective tactic, it’s also easy to take this trend a bit too far. If you aren’t careful, the abundance of white can make a kitchen space look sterile and unwelcoming.

Whether that scenario sounds familiar to you, or you are simply tired of having a kitchen that feels a bit drab, there are some very easy ways to make this room feel a lot more welcoming. When discussing plans with your kitchen remodeling contractors, be sure to consider the following ideas.

Add Hardwood Floors

Tile floors are commonly chosen by homeowners who enlist kitchen remodeling services, as they’re easy to clean and are relatively durable. However, this isn’t your only option when renovating this room. Hardwood floors can add an immeasurable amount of beauty and warmth to any space. It’s not a traditional choice for a kitchen, as hardwood isn’t naturally water-resistant, but it can be an excellent way to make this space feel more welcoming. As long as you use area rugs to your advantage and clean up any spills promptly, you can keep your hardwood floors looking gorgeous even in the kitchen. If the rest of your design is clean and white, hardwood floors can act as a statement that invites guests to make themselves at home.

Include Some Texture

Textural elements are another good option for warming up a space. You can accomplish this by adding a unique backsplash, a wall tapestry, a sliding barn door, or some decorative bar stool cushions during kitchen renovations. You can even add texture with an interesting countertop or table material such as stone or reclaimed wood. An accent wall can be another option for adding texture, which can easily be accomplished with some natural shiplap, brick, or even a cheery paint color. Include these possibilities when discussing your kitchen renovation with your contractor. Rustic elements typically have both texture and warmth, so your choice in small decor elements can make this space feel more lived-in, as well.

Use Earth Tones

One of the easiest ways to add warmth is by using warm-toned components as part of your design. Browns, tans, oranges, yellows, soft grays, and even sage green can make a space feel vibrant and welcoming. Whether you utilize these colors in your flooring, cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, wall paint, appliances, seating, or fixtures, they can make a big impact on how you (and others) feel in the space. If your goal is to make the space feel warmer, you may want to minimize your use of blues, teals, purples, and certain grays during kitchen renovations.

Whether you love the clean and neutral look or you want something a bit more old-worldly, remodeling your kitchen with some warmth in mind can make this room an amazing asset to your home. To learn more about improving the look and feel of your kitchen, please contact us today.


How the McBride Team Spent Their Time While Sheltering at Home

During the shut down, everyone has found creative ways to pass the time at home — across Northern Michigan there’s been a surge in bread baking, jigsaw puzzle assembly, and DIY home projects. 

The McBride Remodeling team is no different. Our talented staff hates to sit idle, so even though our construction projects were placed on hold, there was no stopping our team from tackling projects around their own homes. We invite you to scroll through these photos to see how the team spent their days until we were given the go-ahead to resume work.


Shaun Verville, one of our lead carpenters, took advantage of his downtime for more family time. He enjoyed getting out of the house to take nature walks with his son, and made the most of his skills to build a playset in his yard, with a little help!

Our clients appreciate Lead Carpenter Brandon Baker’s exceptional craftsmanship. Along with his many building skills, Brandon’s also a fantastic woodworker. He spent his time making versions of Nathan Lerner chairs from 1949. He worked from photos he took of the original chairs at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Lead Carpenter Carl Gage tackled a van conversion project to turn his son’s van into a camper. The camper now has interior walls, a platform bed, and a sink and shelves.

Two projects have kept Jacob Coats, our carpenter, busy. While at home, he turned into a lumberjack and felled a dead tree in his yard. If that wasn’t enough, he and Lizzy, are deep into training their new puppy.

With the office closed, David McBride got busy with some chores that aren’t always easy to schedule, like deep cleaning the carpets. While it may not be as fun as some of the rest of the team’s projects, our offices will be sparkling clean and healthy when it’s time to open our doors again!

Because he’s just too adorable, here’s a bonus photo of Shaun’s son–and future McBride team member–working on assembling his playset.


3 Signs Your Laundry Room Needs More Space

The laundry room has been gradually making its way up in the world from the dark, crowded basement to its own special alcove. While laundry rooms don’t have a designated size like other parts of the home, there can be a few notable signs that your laundry room just isn’t big enough for your family.

The average family in the U.S. does approximately eight to 10 loads of laundry every week, and whoever is responsible for that week’s dirty socks should be able to come and go from the laundry room with ease. That being said, how do you know if your laundry room needs a serious upgrade? Here are a few signs your laundry room might need a little bit more wiggle room.

Getting around doors is a struggle

It’s understandable to want to keep your laundry room compact. After all, it’s a room that only has one function compared to other parts of your home. But if you have to routinely close and open the doors of your washer and dryer to get around them, you might want to consider adding a few extra feet. If taking down walls isn’t an option, home addition renovations are a great way to give your family the laundry room you need.

You fold your clothes somewhere else

Your laundry room isn’t just a place for you and your family to wash your clothes. It’s also a place where you can leisurely fold them and get them ready to put away. If you have to move from your laundry room to somewhere else, such as your kitchen table or island, to find the space to fold properly, it may be time to consider renovating for a larger laundry room.

You move back and forth from the laundry room to the kitchen

If you only have a few handwash-only items, washing these delicate items in the kitchen sink may not seem like a problem. But if you have multiple handwash-only items, going back and forth from the laundry room to the kitchen and back again can be time consuming. Instead, you might consider renovating your laundry room to include a sink. That way you can do your laundry all in the same place.

Interested in laundry room remodeling or home addition renovations? The design build remodeling contractors of McBride Remodeling have you covered. For information on our renovation processes or to schedule a consultation with our team, contact McBride Remodeling today.

whole home remodeling contractor

Remodel Vs. Relocate: Why Whole Home Renovations May Be the Answer

To move or not to move? That’s the question many homeowners are inclined to ask themselves. But if you assumed your only options were to relocate or to make do with what you already have, you’re wrong. There’s actually another option: to remodel. And this option might provide you with everything you’re looking for. Let’s take a closer look at the “move versus renovate” debate and discover why whole home renovations could allow you to love the house you’re in.

Relocating: A Chance to Start Fresh… With a Cost

The housing market typically starts to heat up in the spring, so it’s only natural you might have moving on your mind. Relocating to a new home can provide you with the opportunity to start with a clean slate, particularly if you’ve got your heart set on a new build. However, it’s important to understand the pitfalls that can come with this decision.

For one thing, many real estate markets are experiencing housing shortages. It may take longer than you anticipate to find a home that fits your family’s needs. Even when housing is plentiful, the process of house-hunting can be incredibly stressful. And if you plan on building a new home, you’ll have no choice but to wait until it’s finished. That can mean putting your life on hold for several months. Relocating can also be emotionally challenging for both adults and children. If you love your neighborhood or currently live close to family, adjusting to a new way of life can be draining. Moving is also an expensive process; even if budgetary constraints aren’t on your radar, most people want to save where they can.

For some, relocating is the only option. If you’re offered a new job in a city a few hours away or your current home can’t be renovated without incident, moving may be a practical option. However, many people find that moving to a new house may not need to be the go-to response when you’re dissatisfied with the aesthetics or functionality of your current surroundings.

Whole Home Renovations: Putting Your Family First

Some homeowners assume that renovations are usually performed in one room at a time. But a surprising 35% of remodeling jobs actually involve the entire home (which are known as whole home renovations). While that might sound like a big undertaking, it’s one of the best ways to get exactly what you want in a house. And if there are already a number of things you love about your current house, you’ll get to keep those features while improving the other aspects that simply don’t work anymore.

To that end, hiring a whole home remodeling contractor is an ideal way to put your family first. The needs of your loved ones have no doubt changed over time — and it’s easy to feel frustrated with your current layout or the limitations of a room when those changes occur. But rather than put your family through the stress of a move, why not stay put and customize the home you already have? This will allow your kids to stay in their current educational environment, minimizing disruption to their lives during their childhood or teenage years. You’ll also be able to remain close to relatives and enjoy a sense of stability even as your surroundings change.

Don’t forget that hiring whole home remodeling contractors Northern Michigan residents trust will also result in some cost savings. Generally speaking, it’s going to be more cost-effective to remodel your house than it is to move into an existing home — much less build a new one. Remodeling your home can also improve your property value; if you do decide to sell your house down the line, you’ll have a better chance of turning a profit if you hire a whole home remodeling contractor first.

It’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to hire a whole home remodeling contractor when possible. A move may sound exciting at first, but this process can be frustrating and expensive. With these kinds of renovations, you can stay put and transform your home into a space that will grow with your family. For more information, please contact McBride Remodeling today.