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How to Design a Kitchen Perfect for Entertaining

There’s a reason people consider the kitchen to be the most important room in the house. It becomes the centerpiece for family gatherings, entertaining, and cooking delicious meals for everyone. If you love home entertaining, then we have some kitchen remodeling ideas that will impress your guests.

Incorporate Extra Seating

If you’re entertaining, the first port of call is to ensure everyone has a comfortable place to sit. This isn’t a problem if your kitchen is spacious. Adding a kitchen island is the best way to provide seating for guests in your kitchen.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can even add two islands, so you have enough counter space for entertaining guests while also preparing food. A kitchen island can also double as a bar area where everyone can gather around for some drinks, snacks, and great conversation.

Small kitchen? There are still many clever ways to incorporate adequate seating. Why not install a bench in your kitchen instead of individual chairs that take up more space?

Consider an Open Plan Design

If your kitchen is closed off from your dining area and living room, consider knocking off a wall to create an open plan design. That way, you will be able to extend the entertainment area. With this type of layout, you can still interact with your guests when prepping. Setting up the food and drinks is also easier without a wall in the way.

Add Extra Storage

When entertaining, you don’t want your home and kitchen to feel crowded. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by ensuring you have ample storage space. A kitchen remodel can provide you with enough storage space to keep your counters neat and tidy. This also prevents accidents that may result when people bump into cooking equipment and other kitchenware.

Install the Right Type of Lighting

Lighting can really set the mood for any occasion. To create a comfortable and relaxing environment when entertaining, avoid harsh lighting that’s too bright. Instead, opt for soft and layered lighting that makes your guests feel welcome and relaxed.

Kitchen remodeling offers many benefits. Besides helping you be a great and welcoming host, you also boost the value of your home. According to the National Association of the Remodelling Industry and the National Association of Realtors, full kitchen remodeling enables you to recoup nearly 60% of the cost.

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Signs it’s Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the centerpiece of any home, where you can share family memories and good times. It’s where everyone ends up at one point or another, so it makes sense that you would want it to be functional, bright, and inviting. So how do you know it’s time to remodel? Here are a few signs to watch out for.

1. Your Cabinets Are Old and Outdated

Old kitchen cabinets are drab and boring, and they detract from the rest of your decor. This is a great place to start when you’re thinking about remodeling. New cabinets will go a long way in making your kitchen more attractive while adding extra storage space.

2. Your Countertops Are Worn Out

If you have an old laminate countertop, this is also a good time to think about renovation. Laminate is affordable but not necessarily attractive or durable. For a simple kitchen remodel, new countertops are quick and easy to install. Get some ideas of your own by searching online or visiting showrooms where you can see samples of different types.

3. Your Cabinets Are Too Small

If you’ve got cabinets that are too small, it’s time to do some thinking about your kitchen layout. You can continue to use them, but they won’t be functional because you won’t be able to store much inside them. If you’re looking for a simple renovation, replacing old cabinets with newer ones is a great idea.

4. Your Kitchen Flooring Is Worn Out

If you’ve got ugly and worn flooring, it’s time to think about getting new flooring installed. You can choose from many different types of flooring, so take some time doing your research. For a simple kitchen redo, tile flooring is affordable and easy to install. There are many different colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that will work for your home.

5. Your Sink Is Corroded

If your sink looks dirty and rusty, it’s time to think about getting it replaced. This is a simple renovation that will make your kitchen look cleaner and brighter. And it doesn’t cost much to do either.

6. Your Paint Is Faded and Chipped

If your kitchen paint is faded or chipped, it’s time to have a professional come in and fix this. Blue in kitchen walls is a new trend, with 7% of remodeled kitchens employing it (up from 5% in 2019), according to a U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. This can add a touch of sophistication to your home.

Kitchen renovations are a great way to make your kitchen look better and bring in more style, function, and value. However, for you to enjoy all these benefits, you’ll need to hire the right kitchen remodeling contractor for the job.

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4 Ideas For Designing Your Roof Deck

Thinking of hiring a design build remodeling company to add a roof deck to your home? This type of renovation is always a great idea, as it not only allows you to take advantage of a great view but also adds considerable value to your home. No wonder roof decks have become so popular! However, it’s important to have the right design when adding a rooftop deck. Check out these four great ideas for designing your rooftop deck and keep them in mind when working with a design build remodeling company

Reduce the Openness With a Pergola

An open view is always incredible, but if you find the openness to be too overwhelming, especially when the sun is glaring, then a pergola is the best way to go. A pergola provides the shade you need and will infinitely boost the aesthetic appeal of your roof deck.

Use Decking That Makes a Design Statement

The right kind of decking material can do wonders for your roof deck. New composite decking can be virtually maintenance-free! It also comes in a variety of tones and colors. So, when you’re considering decking material, be sure to choose an option that makes a design statement.

Remember These Decor Tips

Keep in mind that the main function of a rooftop deck is to allow you to enjoy the surrounding environment. Because of that, you don’t want something that distracts you from that. Generally, try and match the color of your roof deck to the surroundings.

For instance, if you have a water view, you can never go wrong with sandy browns, as well as white and blue hues.

Add the Right Amount of Lighting

A roof deck is meant to be enjoyed at night, too, and adding the right lighting allows you to do just that. In addition to permanent lighting, we also recommend creative touches like twinkle lights or even candles. This will help set the mood for more relaxation and enjoyment.

Now that you have an idea of what would make your rooftop deck even more enjoyable, it’s time to get started. We provide top-notch design build remodeling services, meaning we work with you from the design stage until your roof deck project is complete. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can enjoy your amazing and superbly designed rooftop deck.

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Unique Ideas for Transforming Your Basement

Home remodeling is popular. However, when considering a whole home remodel, there may be some rooms that you want to change more than others. Basement remodels are one such improvement, and many homeowners are looking into updating their finished basements to make them more unique and inviting.

If you are considering a whole home remodel, here are some ideas to keep in mind when it comes to updating your basement.

1. Turn It Into an Office

With more and more people working from home, creating your own office space can be essential. It can also make workdays easier. A finished basement is a perfect area to create an office in as it is both quieter and more separate from the rest of the house.

If you’re planning on working from home for the foreseeable future, this is definitely something to keep in mind.

2. Create a Playroom

If you have young kids, the basement can be a perfect place for them to play and be loud without disturbing the rest of the house. Kids love having their own “secret” place away from everyone else too.

If you have older kids, the basement can be remodeled into a great hangout spot where teens can watch TV, play games, and (maybe) do homework. This also benefits you as you’ll always know what your teen is up to because your basement will be the best hangout spot in town.

3. Set Up a Private Theater

Basements make great theaters due to their lack of light and soundproofing. By installing a large projector screen, and some comfortable chairs — or even a modular couch — you can create the most comfortable movie-watching experience possible. You can even install a mini bar in the back where you can serve up treats and popcorn before the movie begins.

These are just three of many possibilities that you can consider when it comes time to update your basement. While it may not be the first room on your whole home remodeling to-do list, it can be the one that you fall in love with the most.


Fun & Inviting Garage Guest Suite

What do you do when you love to have overnight guests at your home but don’t have the square footage to provide them the space and privacy they need? For these Indian River homeowners, the answer was to convert their garage to a fantastic suite where visitors, especially their beloved grandchildren, could stay comfortably.   

After hiring us in the past to remodel their cottage, these homeowners knew that McBride Remodeling was the right team for the job. They sat down with our talented in-house designer Paul Drayer to help them bring their vision to life, and it turned out to be everything they hoped for and more. 

Privacy & Convenience

We added an exterior door to grant entrance into the living space and to make it feel more separate from the garage. Matching exteriors help the space feel connected to the main cottage and give it a warm, home-like appeal. 

While some homeowners choose to completely convert their garage to a guest suite, this family decided to craft the best of both worlds. Though the spaces are distinct, there is still space for one vehicle inside — making this space especially functional and convenient. 

Charming Kitchen & Living Area

The charming kitchenette has everything guests might need for a midnight snack or a refreshing drink, including a beverage fridge, sink, microwave, and storage space. A pair of bar stools tucked under the counter provide the perfect place to eat, play cards, or wait for the popcorn to finish in the microwave. 

In the living area, natural light from the corner windows makes the space feel bright and comfortable. Guests have multiple seating options, and there’s even room for a TV to watch their favorite movies or shows. 

Lovely Loft

What child doesn’t appreciate a fort-like loft area to spend the night? This space-saving ladder provides a fun way to access the loft without a large footprint. Once overnight guests climb up, they’re greeted by a beautiful space with rainbow-colored beds, a picturesque view of the lake, and plenty of room to play.

This tailor-made garage space is a treasured family retreat that offers the right balance of closeness and privacy. It will be a gathering place where special memories are made for many years to come.  

Thinking of adding a guest or in-law suite to your Petoskey home? Contact Us today and have it ready by spring!


How to Create an Envy-Worthy Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most critical rooms in a house and should be updated to minimize any functional or style issues. Thankfully, you can work with the best design build remodeling contractors to transform your bathroom in many ways. Understanding your choices will help make this decision easier and ensure that you are ultimately satisfied with this process.

A Few Ways You Can Use Design Build Remodeling Contractors To Stand Out

If you want your bathroom to be of the highest quality, you need to hire a team who can handle the unique needs of this room. Upgrading your bathroom in this way provides a myriad of excellent benefits. Just a few ways that they can help your bathroom include adding different elements like:

  • Put in a rain shower that produces a relaxing and luxurious feel for your bathroom.
  • Put in a spa tub that lets you soak and enjoy a nearly hot-tub-level of relaxation.
  • Add built-in niches that helps to keep everything close and convenient.
  • Provide surround sound systems for a television or music.
  • Add underfloor throughout the bathroom.
  • Boost natural light by putting in high-quality skylights and windows.
  • Install a bidet that helps to make your bathroom more up-to-date and functional.
  • Use tile designs to make the room design flawless.

Hiring design build remodeling contractors to do a full bathroom remodel at once can guarantee a gorgeous, functional, and seamless flow.

So, if you’re interested in creating a bathroom that will draw attention and make you the envy of your neighbors, reach out to our design build remodeling contractors right away to learn more. These experts will give you a better understanding of your options and work directly with you to better understand the unique bathroom upgrades that make sense for you.


Make a Plan for Your New Deck

This summer saw many Petoskey-area homeowners reuniting with family and friends after a long time apart. The increase in outdoor entertaining has led to rising requests to update, expand, or create new outdoor living areas. With their warm, natural wood look and convenient versatility, decks are a popular choice for the perfect outdoor oasis. Thinking about adding or updating a deck of your own? Here are some steps to consider:

Step One: Set a Purpose

What do you want to do on your deck? Will it be mostly for relaxing and soaking in some sunshine by the lake or pool, or are you dreaming of hosting lavish outdoor dinner parties? Would you like to cook outside, watch TV, or sit by a cozy fire? Determining how you’ll actually use your new deck is the first step to loving your outdoor space.

Step Two: Choose a Location

Think about where you want your deck to be. Anything is possible! Your deck can be attached to your house, set back in your yard, wrapped around your entryway, poolside, or even on an upper level with a walkway to the lake. Can’t decide between two locations? We can build a deck that spans different areas or multiple levels of your home or property.  

Step Three: Consider your Style

We build most of our decks with low-maintenance composite material so you can spend more time enjoying it rather than repairing it. The two brands we use – Deckerators® and Timbertech® – come in various colors and wood grain textures. Whether you’d like a dark mahogany look or light, weathered teak, we’ll help you find the style and material that works best for you. 

Step Four: Call us to get started 

It’s not too early to start planning for next spring or summer! In fact, with the delays our industry is facing, it’s recommended. Contact us today to make sure you get your dream deck in time to enjoy it all season. 

We know that decks are mostly enjoyed seasonally in Northern Michigan. If cleaning, closing, and opening up your deck sounds tedious, let us handle the maintenance! We can power wash, bring in/ take out furniture, do repairs, and more with our property management services. Click here to learn more.

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5 Tips For a Green Home Renovation Project

It’s no secret that home renovation projects are popular. According to a September NerdWallet survey, about a third or 34% of homeowners who undertook home improvement projects report they did so because they stayed at home more due to social distancing measures related to the pandemic.

If you’re also planning to renovate and have hired whole home remodeling contractors, one smart idea is to go green. This boosts the value of your home, can lower utility bills and can shrink your carbon footprint. Here are five top tips for a green home renovation project.

Opt for Financing

The good news is the government, and some creditors, offer discounts as an incentive for anyone taking out a green loan. For instance, homeowners can get funding for making energy-efficient home improvements, such as solar panel installations or a geothermal heat pump. This makes a green home renovation more affordable.

Have Your Home Energy Audited

You’ll be surprised how much energy your home uses. Before getting started on your project, you can hire trained professionals to indicate areas that you need to focus on first. Usually, areas of concern include windows, HVAC systems, appliances, and insulation.

Do Your Research

When buying energy-efficient materials for your home renovation project, it’s important to realize that products with a green label aren’t always what they say. Do your research to confirm that they are authentic. Typically, there should be some kind of certification that confirms that it’s a genuine eco-friendly product. For instance, when upgrading your appliances, the rule of thumb is you should buy appliances with the appropriate energy-star rating.

Repurpose and Reuse

In keeping with the eco-friendly theme, you can also repurpose existing items in your home, such as furniture. Whole home remodeling contractors also know how to source recycled material. For instance, you can use reclaimed wood or recycled materials to build shelves, cupboards, and part of your flooring.

Find the Best Remodeling Contractor

The success of your green home renovation not only depends on the quality of materials you use, but it also hinges on research skills when looking at whole home remodeling contractors. Working with a reputable contractor that won’t cut corners ensures you can reap the full benefits of a more energy-efficient household. This translates into a better living space, lower utility bills, and a more environmentally-friendly existence.

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5 Different Home Additions to Consider

There are many different types of home additions to add to your home. We will discuss some popular renovations that many homeowners tackle. They include adding on to your kitchen as part of remodeling it, expanding or adding a bathroom, adding a sunroom, finishing the basement, and adding an outdoor barbecue area. This can be called a room addition, which is a single room added to your home or bump-out. A bump-out might be another 25 feet or 50 to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Overall, you will need home addition contractors that know the laws about building limitations and restrictions because about 85% of homes built before 1980 need home improvement.

Kitchen Remodeling

Add on to your kitchen by increasing space and updating the features. You might want to add an island for preparing meals and eating or adding a pantry for extra storage. It can be a partial remodeling job adding cabinets to your kitchen or new appliances. Any kitchen remodeling job will increase the value of your home. It is often the room where you spend the most time, so it should be comfortable, functional, and designed for the people using it.

Expand or Add a New Bathroom

When you have a busy family or more than one person living in a home, the more bathrooms, the better. You can add sinks and vanities, a soaking tub, or even a tub with jets. You can add a small or large bathroom to an unused room or closet. This adds value to your home and helps with usage. There is more space available for family members in the morning and times when the bathroom is used more frequently. Adding a bathroom to the second or third floor will cost more than adding one to the main floor. Keep these factors in mind when remodeling or adding a bathroom.


Sometimes you can change a front, side, or back porch into a sunroom. You can enclose it and add heating and cooling. It can be a room to entertain, practice hobbies, and relax with family. Some have heating and air conditioning and some do not. Your home addition contractors are well-versed in your region’s building laws and codes and will find the perfect place for your sunroom.

Finish Your Basement

Finishing your basement can give you added space to entertain, for an apartment, or a home theater. It will need an egress door or windows if you plan to use it for an apartment or family members. It is also a popular addition for families that want to have a family room and entertain.

Adding An Outdoor Barbecue or Kitchen

This is a practical addition if you live in a warm climate and like to entertain often. It is practical and will keep your indoor kitchen clean. It will add value to your home and you can have a barbecue, parties, and special events. Your home addition contractor will help you create a dining area, grill, stove, and perhaps a bar. This is another popular addition that homeowners are adding on to increase the value of their homes.

Home additions are a major investment and need professional home addition contractors to help you plan and meet the local building requirements.


Aging in Place: Plan to Stay Home

As we age, the more we understand what really matters. We value ourselves, our families, and our comfort more than ever before. This is especially true in our homes. For some, mobility and other concerns can make their beloved home uncomfortable — or even downright dangerous. 

Luckily, moving isn’t the only answer. You and your loved ones can age in place, surrounded by everything familiar that contributes to overall health and happiness. Whether you’re caring for older family members or considering your own future needs, remodeling for aging in place is an excellent option.

Many adjustments can be made to make homes safe and accessible. In bathrooms, consider walk-in showers, built-in benches, grab bars, and textured flooring to minimize slips. Kitchens could include lower counters and in-island storage that make items and workspaces more easily accessible. Throughout the home, wider doorways and walkways, as well as ramps and even elevators, are just a few of the available modifications to safely age in place.

Elevators are particularly life-changing; many homeowners believe they can’t possibly have an older loved one live with them or even stay in their own home if the home has multiple floors. Converting a section of the lower level is always an option, but many can’t or wouldn’t want to sacrifice that much space in common areas. An elevator makes the home completely accessible to everyone, with minimal disruption to the existing floorplan.

Do you have a loved one who needs modifications to their home so they can continue to live there now or in the future? Or perhaps you are coming to an age where this may be a consideration for yourself. McBride Remodeling is here to help. We have the experience and skill to make all necessary changes to safely keep you or your family members home. Don’t put off this important project any longer.  Our in-house design team can help you modify your Petoskey area home for the future to ensure you can stay in the home you love. Contact us, and we’ll start your aging-in-place remodeling plan right away.