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5 Home Addition Ideas

The longer you own your home, the more you’ll notice things you want to change about it. But there is more to making additions to your home than wanting a change and googling “home addition contractors near me.” Home additions should be made with not only your desires in mind but the desires of potential future buyers. Even if you don’t see yourself selling your house in the near future, you would still be wise to make changes with the interests of future buyers in mind. Worldwide, the home improvement market was valued at $763 billion in 2020 alone according to Statista, and much of this had to do with improvements made to increase the value of homes.

With that being said, let’s look into some of the best home additions you can make.

1. A Kitchen Bump-Out

A bump-out is a minor addition, which can still make a big impact without requiring as much of an investment. Kitchen bump-outs are growing in popularity. In a kitchen, a bump-out can allow for more cabinetry, as well as the feeling of more space.

2. A Mudroom

In a mudroom, people are able to wipe off their dirty feet, put their outerwear away, and store things that they may otherwise not have a place for. They’re ideal additions in areas that are prone to snow and rain.

3. An Enclosed Porch

There are many benefits to adding an enclosed porch to your home. An enclosed porch feels like an outdoor addition, but it actually increases the total space of your house itself. You can enjoy your yard more while being protected from the elements.

4. A Sunroom

A sunroom is a great place for people to relax, especially if it includes plenty of sunlight itself. Ideally, a sunroom should be added in a place that will allow for as much light and as great a view as possible.

5. A Guest Room

A guest room is a great addition. This will allow you to expand your home’s square footage, while also increasing the amount of space for visitors!

There are many things for you to consider before you look up “home addition contractors near me.” Just be sure to take the time to consider in advance the additions you may want.

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3 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Do you need new flooring for your home, or do you want to make a home addition? There are a lot of options to choose from and many things to consider before you make your choice. One of the best flooring choices you can make is hardwood floors, which have many benefits. Among all flooring options, hardwood is probably the one with the highest return on investment. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, you will get back even more money than you put into it, with an estimated ROI of 106%. Read on for more benefits of hardwood floors and why they would be perfect for your home addition.

Easy to Maintain

This is one of the most significant benefits of hardwood floors. They are quite easy to maintain and are also incredibly easy to keep clean. You can sweep, steam-clean, or vacuum to do away with any accumulated dirt or debris. The good thing about them is that they don’t harbor any environmental hazards, including dust mites or pet dander. Apart from that, hardwood floors are stain resistant, making them much better than carpets. All you need to do after spilling something is wipe it up.


Another reason why most people are drawn to hardwood floors is that they are quite durable. This is also why they are inexpensive to maintain. While they can get scratches and dents, if you take good care of your hardwood flooring, the surface can remain in pristine condition for decades.

Easy to Refinish

Do you feel like changing the color of your interiors from time to time? If you do, then hardwood flooring is perfect for you. Unlike carpet or tiles, you can easily refinish hardwood floors. This means you can change the color without replacing the floor. This is a significant benefit since the cost of refinishing is much lower than the cost of purchasing and installing new floors. It also allows you to drastically change the look of your interior. You may want to do this if you purchase a house and it doesn’t have the floor finish that you desire.

These are some of the benefits of hardwood flooring. Because of their impressive features, hardwood floors are probably one of the best investments you will ever make in your home. If you are looking to switch to hardwood flooring for your home addition or if you need to refinish, get in touch with us today, and we can assist you.

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Thinking About Remodeling Your Home? Check Out These Tips First

Thinking about doing a partial remodeling of your home could be a straightforward task. However, if whole home remodeling is the plan, the task becomes more challenging. Remodeling an entire house requires giving thought to several significant aspects, such as decorating style and d├ęcor, so your home presents the type of ambiance you wish to display. At the same time, and perhaps the most essential factor, the home needs to reflect your style and taste so that the final result will enable you to experience your uniqueness.

Consider these four tips:

When the whole home remodeling is discussed, cost should be the first thing that is considered. According to Statista, remodeling expenditures in the United States reached $353 billion in the first quarter of 2021, but it is up to each homeowner to decide how much they will spend.

Before starting a whole home remodeling project, you must decide on a theme or style so all the rooms will blend into each other to form a related appearance. Cottage, country, modern and traditional styles are a few examples of these choices.

Choose a signature color from which all other colors will flow. Each color represents different characteristics. If you want the signature color to be blue, then all colors chosen should be variations of blue, or complement blue. You’ll want to create a unified presence in the home and colors play a significant role in accomplishing this integration.

Will you be refurnishing your home? If purchasing new furniture is in the mix, it might be best to wait until the remodeling has been partially or fully completed. If you’re keeping the same furniture, then many of your remodeling decisions will be made according to the type and color of this furniture.

Whether it’s a partial remodeling job or a whole home remodeling job, if the homeowner is serious about creativity and originality, the job will take thought, time, and money to complete. The next step will be to find the best home remodeling company.

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Kitchen Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Is your kitchen in desperate need of an upgrade? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, our kitchen remodeling services will have your kitchen the talk of the neighborhood.

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s a place where you gather for meals with the family, share laughs with friends, sip your morning coffee, and is the focal point of most homes. So where do you start with kitchen remodeling services? Keep reading to find out!

Want to add a pop of color? Try a blue accent wall or kitchen island in your kitchen. According to the 2020 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, blue on kitchen walls is an emerging trend, appearing in 7% of upgraded kitchens (up from 5% in 2019).

While white and gray walls bring sophistication to your cabinets, backsplash, and walls, a blue kitchen island can create a beautiful contrast. Don’t have an island? If you do not currently have an island in your kitchen, we can help you select a wall to transform into a breathtaking accent wall.

  • Glazed Tile Backsplash: Tiled backsplashes are not a new trend, but a new way to update this look is to opt for a glazed tile versus the traditional matte finishes. Not only is a gloss tile easy to clean, but it will also reflect the light in the room magnificently.
  • Mix in Vintage and Antiques: Adding vintage or antique furniture or decor to your space will instantly add that warm and cozy feeling.
  • Natural Elements: Using natural materials such as marble, granite, or unpainted wood cabinets adds a rich aesthetic quality to your area.
  • Mesh Cabinets: Looking to update your existing cabinets? Consider redesigning your cupboards to add a mesh face. While adding a pop of blue around the mesh. Add some unique handles and voila, instant upgrade.

Get Started Remodeling Your Kitchen

Give us a call today! Our kitchen remodeling services will give your space a fresh new look. We will walk you through every step of the way, helping you to create the perfect masterpiece to host your next gathering. If you are ready to take the next steps to your dream kitchen, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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4 Home Additions to Consider If You Need More Space

The pandemic has left its mark on the world in many ways. One unexpected effect is the dramatic increase in home renovations that have taken place. A NerdWallet survey recently found that approximately one-third of homeowners who took on home improvement projects did so because they were spending more time at home during this health crises.

If you’re spending more time at home, you may have already realized that you could benefit from additional square footage. But how exactly can you expand your home? Home additions provide the solution. Here are just four types of home additions you may want to consider.

Expand a Bedroom

We spend a great deal of time in our bedrooms, so it makes sense that an addition or expansion can be a welcome change. Expanding the bedroom to make it larger and more accommodating is a simple but efficient remodeling option to consider. You might also add an extra bedroom to your home if your adult child plans to move back home or you want to move in your elderly parent.

Expand the Bathroom

Likewise, the bathroom gets a lot of use — and it creates problems if there aren’t enough bathrooms to go around. Larger families, in particular, can benefit from bathroom expansions or additions. Making a cramped bathroom more spacious can eliminate a number of issues, but so can adding an entirely new bathroom to accommodate your family’s needs.

Add a Home Office

In some cases, you might need some extra space for your changing needs. A home office space can provide you with the privacy and functionality you need to stay productive. With more Americans working from home than ever, this might be a must for your family. In many cases, this type of home addition can even come with tax incentives.

Build a Garage

If you have the space on your property to do so, you may want to consider a garage home addition. Not only can this provide you with a secure parking spot, but it can also offer additional storage. Whether attached or freestanding, a new garage is a great way to instantly increase your home’s value and your quality of life.

Consider these home addition ideas and see which ones are best suited for you, your home and your storage space needs. For more ideas or to get started with your home renovation project, please contact us today.

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5 Reasons Why a Kitchen Remodel Should Be the First Thing You Invest in This Year

Home improvements are a big part of homeownership. But some projects are more expansive than others. Sometimes, new furniture or flooring upgrades are enough to do the trick. In other cases, you might require expert kitchen remodeling services to give your home additional functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The kitchen is one of the most common rooms prioritized for renovation. Google search trends show that kitchen remodeling search queries have increased by 23% over the last year.

Popularity aside, kitchen remodeling services have the power to transform your home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why you should consider a kitchen renovation in 2022.

Increase Overall Home Value

The kitchen is one of the areas of the home that can offer a very high return on your investment. Investing $10,000 into a kitchen upgrade can add nearly all of that back to your home’s sale value! The kitchen has the potential to make or break a potential home sale, so you can improve your position in the market by remodeling your outdated kitchen now.

Give the Home a More Personal Feel

Remodeling your kitchen can allow you to really put your personal spin on your home’s design. You can incorporate your personal preferences and ultimate desires into your kitchen redesign, allowing your tastes to truly shine. Whether you want more cabinet storage or you love brightly-colored elements, kitchen remodeling services providers can turn your dream into a reality and make your kitchen somewhere you love to be.

Make Meal-Planning More Convenient

Meal time is supposed to be enjoyable, but it can be stressful in a cramped kitchen. With more space and better functionality, meal planning and preparation can go much more smoothly. You’ll have access to all the counter space you need and all of the updated appliances you want to make cooking a breeze. And with an improved traffic pattern, you can welcome friends and family into the kitchen without becoming overwhelmed.

Entertain More Easily

Aside from cooking and meal prep, an updated kitchen area can be better suited for entertainment and parties. Having friends and family over is a lot easier with a fully upgraded kitchen area to utilize. Add a wine fridge, a kitchen island, or a dedicated entertaining space that will help you welcome your guest as you prepare the meal.

Make New Memories

Sitting down at the kitchen counter for meals or to talk about the day is easier when you have the space to do so. Upgrading the kitchen can make the entire space more accessible and user-friendly. If you’d like to use your kitchen as a gathering space for any occasion, your remodeling contractors can include those needs as part of your design.

Clearly, remodeling a kitchen can have a lot of benefits. Our local kitchen remodeling services can help you upgrade your space into one you’ll love for years to come. To learn more, please contact us today.

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Why Should You Consider a Home Addition?

There are a lot of reasons why you might consider adding more space to your home. Sometimes this might be an elective choice, and in some instances, there could be some unexpected changes that can force you to find a home addition contractor. Here are some reasons why you might consider adding space to your home.

Your Family has Grown

This is one of the most common reasons why people add on to their homes. If you are considering adding to your family, or you have already welcomed another family member, sitting with a home addition contractor and discussing your space needs is a good idea. Perhaps you just need an extra bedroom for when your loved ones are visiting. There’s no need to purchase a new home to create more space. With more room in your current house, you will be able to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Working From Home

Many people are now working remotely. It can be difficult to complete any work with kids running around and trying to have fun indoors. The best solution would be to create an extra space designed for productivity. A home office will allow you to focus on your work without any distractions. Your kids can also use this space to do their homework and study when you are not using it.

Home offices are becoming quite popular. According to the 2019 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, one in 10 homeowners added or upgraded their home offices.

You Need Space for Kids to Play

If you don’t come up with a dedicated space for kids to play, they could take over the entire house. This might not seem like a bad idea until you want to relax and there’s a circus in the living room or you step barefoot on a Lego piece. To avoid this, you can add on to your home and create a playroom for your children. A playroom is a great way to keep kids away from the main living area. This would also make it possible for your kids to invite their friends over for a playdate. Your home will also stay cleaner and tidier since the toys will be confined to one space.

These are some of the reasons why you might want to meet with a home addition contractor and discuss your additional space needs. Apart from these reasons, you must also consider that adding space to your home will add value to your home.


Kitchen Upgrades That Don’t Involve a Large-Scale Remodeling Project

When you think of kitchen renovations you likely think of two things; the cost and the inconvenience. While it is true that large-scale kitchen renovations can be costly and inconvenient, the fact is you have other options for upgrading your kitchen.

Small changes in your kitchen can have a big impact. For example, simply changing out the flooring and adding some paint can easily transform your kitchen space.

Start at the Bottom

The type of flooring in your kitchen can date it. New flooring can instantly update your kitchen and add value to your home. For example, hardwood flooring looks great, is right on trend, and can give you a 106% return on your investment (per CNN Business).

A new floor can easily be installed in a day. It can also be a lot more affordable than you think.

Paint Is an Easy Way to Upgrade

If your cabinets are all highly functional but could use an aesthetic boost, paint is the solution. A quick coat of paint will instantly modernize the look of your cabinets and make your kitchen feel fresh and new.

Painting the walls in your kitchen is also an easy way to upgrade the space. A new color will give your kitchen an entirely new feel.

Open Shelving Opens Up the Space

If you are working with a small kitchen space, you can make it feel larger by removing some cabinets and adding open shelving. Invest in some cute storage containers and canisters to keep the shelves tidy. Open shelves serve two purposes. They give you more storage space, and when organized right, is a focal point.

Update Your Hardware and Faucet

Changing the hardware in your kitchen is easy and can instantly modernize the room. Kitchen renovations do not have to be large, costly, and tons of work to get the impact that you want. Add a new faucet to modernize your space and add function.

Add New Lighting

Switch out old, outdated fixtures for new lighting fixtures. Group pendant lighting in threes for a dramatic impact. Lighting sets the atmosphere in the room and can add a decorator’s touch.

Have Fun with Your Kitchen Projects

Kitchen renovations do not have to be big imposing events, they can be simple changes. The right support can make all your renovation projects easier.

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3 Great Reasons to Remodel Your Home

There’s little doubt Americans love remodeling their homes. According to Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, it’s estimated that Americans spend more than $400 billion on repairs and renovations. That’s because there are so many good reasons to renovate your home.

Better Livability

Perhaps the best reason to seek the services of whole home remodeling contractors is to increase comfort and livability. To truly make a house a home, it needs to be functional and comfortable. A remodeled bathroom can offer privacy and more relaxation. A remodeled kitchen can offer more room for cooking and hosting family and friends. More space in the living and dining rooms makes everything feel much less cramped.

Less Maintenance

Another reason to seek out whole home remodeling contractors for renovation projects is to reduce the cost of maintenance. Even new homes weather over time. You may find yourself having to keep up with roofing, plumbing, window seals, possible flood damage, and repair projects. Thankfully, improvement projects can cut down on time-consuming maintenance. These projects can reveal all kinds of problems that need fixing. Once they’re fixed, your home will be safer and in better shape than before.

Boosting Your Home’s Value

Even if you’ve lived in your home for years and years, there may come a time when you need to move on and move into another house. If that happens, home renovations can be just what the doctor ordered. Home renovations can make your home look and feel brand new, and increase interest in potential home buyers. For instance, a kitchen remodel with more space and new countertops or a bathroom with a new tub and vanities looks very attractive to folks who are looking for a new home.

A Good Investment

No matter what kind of renovation projects you do or hire contractors for, they’re all good investments. The money you put in now can pay huge dividends down the road. Projects can add to your home’s value, increase the comfort inside your home and reduce the time and cost you’ll spend doing maintenance. So if you’re planning on doing some home renovations, check with local contractors to get estimates and start on a path to a better and more comfortable home.