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3 Tips to Help Your Project Go Smoothly With Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

If you have hired kitchen remodeling contractors to manage your kitchen remodeling project, you can do your part to ensure that the project goes smoothly. It is important that you work with kitchen remodeling contractors you can trust. The first tip to ensure that your kitchen project comes together perfectly is to choose the right kitchen remodeling contractors. Here are three other tips to prepare for the project.

1. Focus on Communication

If you get an email from your contractor, be sure that you open it, review it, and reply to the email. If you have a missed call from the contractor, be sure to return it ASAP. You want everyone to be on the same page with your project and open communication is the way you do that.

If you fail to focus on communication, you could find yourself in a situation where your project is put on hold. According to Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, blue is a big color for kitchens this year, the color blue has become a part of 7% of kitchen upgrades. However, blue comes in many shades. If your contractor can’t get in touch with you so you can approve the shade, your project has to stop. This is why it’s important to keep lines of communication open.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

If you spot something being done with the project that you think is incorrect, don’t be afraid to ask your contractor. Good remodeling contractors want you to speak up and ask questions. They don’t want to find out at the end of the project that you didn’t want something done.

It is always better to ask questions and get answers about a step in the process than to wait until the project is completed and you’re not satisfied. If you have a question, ask it! Your remodeling contractors will be happy to give you an answer.

3. Prepare Ahead of Time

The amount of time your kitchen remodeling project will take can vary greatly depending on materials and the overall size of the project. Regardless, it’s important that you prepare for this period because for at least part of the time you will not be able to use your kitchen.

It is important that you work with kitchen remodeling contractors that can give you accurate timelines to help with your planning. A smooth kitchen remodel all comes down to choosing the right contractor. Call us today at McBride Remodeling in Northern Michigan to learn more.

Open floor plan

Explore Our Delightful Modern Makeover

Last Summer, we had the privilege of creating a more open space for our client’s home in Petoskey, MI. The homeowners came to us wanting to open up their downstairs space by connecting the living room, kitchen and dining room into a more open concept. They also longed for greater functionality in the kitchen and an updated look throughout. In addition, our clients wanted to update the look of their exterior with a new refresh of crisp white siding.

Together, we helped them decide on a design that met all of their needs, and we’re happy they feel the same way based on their recently posted review: “We were carefully guided, and assisted in making decisions that added beauty and value to our home in ways we had not considered. Each part of our building project was well documented, and updated daily through the Buildertrend app, which we found very helpful.” Explore here how we helped them achieve these goals as we provide a detailed tour of this remodel.

Feel Connected in This Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

We began with new flooring to create an open, expansive, and inviting kitchen. Rich luxury vinyl plank in a gorgeous warm Wellington Oak shade provides a luxurious background for the new kitchen. To create a connected feel, we used this same 100% waterproof, commercial-grade flooring throughout the downstairs.

WoodHarbor Cabinets in the modern Madison door style line the outer perimeter of the kitchen in crisp white, which complements perfectly with the Hale Navy colored cabinets of the island. The kitchen’s look is finished with Cambria Quartz countertops in the Annicca finish which perfectly recreates the rich look of marble while offering greater durability.

A Cozy Living Room Perfect for Curling Up Together 

Since this home originally featured a drop-down living room, our first task was to raise it to floor level to feel consistent with the rest of the downstairs rooms. From there, we added touches that inspire gathering, such as a cozy shiplap wall and an electric fireplace. We also made sure to open the space so those in the dining room and kitchen could still feel a part of the activities in this beautiful entertaining space.

A Downstairs Laundry Room Meets Guestbath

To give our clients added convenience and maximize their space, we successfully combined a guest bath with a downstairs laundry room. There was even space to fit overhead Kraftmaid cabinetry in a decorative Lyndale shaker style finished in the elegant gray Serenity Suede tone.

The homeowners couldn’t be happier with the finished design, look, and construction. They commented that they would recommend McBride “without reservation.” That means so much to our dedicated team, who worked hard to bring their vision to life. The homeowners added this to their online review: “The coordination with other trades was first class and managed well. Pride in craftsmanship is something that is rare to find in today’s world, these are folks who truly take pride in what they do and it shows. Home is always home, but the team of McBride Remodeling brought everything together to make our tired old house a real home again. We can’t thank them enough.” You are quite welcome! It was truly our pleasure!

Why Is the Popularity of Design Build Remodeling Increasing?

Remodeling is a great way to transform your home and design build remodeling is becoming increasingly popular. Here’s why design build remodeling is becoming such a popular choice among Petoskey homeowners.

Comprehensive Remodeling

The remodeling process can be an overwhelming one, but design build remodeling takes some of the hassles out of the process. When you work with one contractor or company to design and execute a remodel, you don’t have to worry about getting additional individuals up to speed on important project details. Instead, you get one contractor or company with a vision to help you see your remodel through from start to finish.

Saving Time

The design build remodel process can also help homeowners save time, which is a major obstacle when it comes to home remodels. It takes a lot more time to find separate design and building contractors, and working with a design-to-build contractor means you don’t have to waste your precious time. If you’re on a tight deadline, design build remodelers can help you make sure your project gets done the right way and on time.

Better Quality Work

You always want to hire the best talent when it comes to contractors, but you can’t count on remodeling contractors to share your vision if they weren’t a part of the planning process. Working with design build remodelers means you’re collaborating on a vision every step of the way, so you can get high-quality work that helps you bring your vision to life.

Accessible Remodeling

Many homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to remodeling, but design build remodelers simplify the process. According to IHS Markit, companies saw an 8.5% increase in home improvement service sales as of March 2022. A big part of that increase in sales may be attributed to the rise in the popularity of design build remodelers making remodels easier for homeowners.

Remodeling is no small feat, but you can make your life a lot easier by working with a design build remodeling company. When the entire process is handled by a single contractor or company, remodeling is a whole lot easier. If you’re looking for a comprehensive remodeling contractor, give us a call today at McBride Remodeling in Northern Michigan.

The Top 4 Ideas for Your Home Addition

When it comes to home additions, the possibilities are endless. From adding a second story or additional rooms to extending your living space, you can choose whatever suits your needs. However, coming up with the right idea for your home addition can be overwhelming. Here are some of the top ideas for your home addition that can provide both functionality and aesthetic value to your property.

1. Sunroom or Conservatory

Adding a sunroom or conservatory is an excellent way to add living space and create a cozy atmosphere. Sunrooms are versatile spaces that can be used for additional storage, as a playroom for your kids, or as an extra seating area. Conservatories are more like glass extensions of the home that provide a great view of your outdoor space. It’s an excellent way to take advantage of natural light while keeping your living space comfortable and secure.

2. Laundry Room

For those who need more space for their laundry and cleaning, a laundry room addition is ideal. With a dedicated area for laundry and cleaning supplies, it also eliminates the clutter in other parts of the home. This designated space is a great alternative to installing a washer-dryer unit in the bathroom or closet. You can now keep all your laundry-related items in one place, which makes them easier to find when you need them.

3. Home Office or Study

While the pandemic forced more people to work from home, a separate office or study space can provide the perfect environment for productivity. As many as 34% of Americans have renovated their homes in the past couple of years because they had to spend more time at home, according to NerdWallet. A home office or study allows you to work in a comfortable environment without distractions.

4. Guest House or In-Law Suite

If you’re looking for extra space to accommodate your guests and relatives, an in-law suite or guest house is a great choice. The in-law suite can be used as an additional bedroom, and the guest house may become a mini apartment. This addition is ideal for those who have frequent visitors, such as family or friends, and need to provide them with a separate space.

Adding on to your home comes with many options. Whether you want a real laundry room, a private guest space, or an outdoor oasis, McBride Remodeling can help. Call our team in Northern Michigan for a consultation today.


The Addition Features We’re Adding to this Charlevoix Addition that Everyone Should Consider

Here at McBride Remodeling, we’re in the process of providing this Charlevoix family with the space and style they need to live their best life. While the project continues to progress, we’re excited to highlight the specific aspects of this project that other homeowners should consider when planning out their own remodel or addition. A little inspiration can go a long way to giving you the new home you’ll love for years to come. 

Let’s start with a little background on this Charlevoix addition project. Feeling like the existing space didn’t meet their needs, they wanted to take the opportunity while remodeling to expand and add more space to accommodate their family and guests. We’re providing a complete remodel of the home’s first floor, which includes the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry room. 

To give the family the added space they need, we’re building a new second floor which will include three new bedrooms, an exercise room, family room, wet bar and laundry room. We’re also adding a second floor screened-in porch for enjoying their picturesque views of the lake. 

Here are four features of this remodel we believe every client should consider as part of their full home remodel:

Expanded Laundry Room 

It’s probably not the first feature you think of when considering a home remodel. However, a new, more functional laundry room can make this daily chore more efficient, giving you more free time to enjoy life. Today, homeowners are adding laundry rooms in a space that’s most convenient for them, such as close to closets and bedrooms. Make this space feel welcoming and elevated with built-in cabinetry and countertops that give you a place to store, sort and fold. Finally, a steamer closet will take those wrinkles away without stealing your time.  

Added Garage Space

Who couldn’t use a few extra square feet of storage space? It’s always a good idea to add a bit of surplus space for unexpected items you may want to store in the future. Having open space also allows you to better organize and make the room feel clean, open and airy. We go to great lengths to make even garage spaces feel finished and inviting.

Specialty Space

Our Charlevoix clients wanted to add an exercise room to allow them to keep up with their workouts without having to make a special trip to the gym. What special space would you want to add if you had the room to do it? From wine cellars to craft workshops, there are ample options and we’re happy to explore them and customize a space that suits your needs.  

Screened Porch

With a gorgeous view of the water, we knew our clients would want to add in a porch space for enjoying the breathtaking views and entertaining. With the addition of a screened in porch, they’ll be able to further maximize the use of this space. Think breakfast without the bugs and dinner parties with no buzzing pests. It’s the best of both worlds!

We’ll be excited to share more progress from this whole home remodel and addition in the coming months. If you have an idea for how you’d like your Northern Michigan home to look, reach out and we’d be happy to explore your options with you.

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Considering a Home Addition Renovation?

A home addition renovation is a great way to add more space and value to your existing property. It allows you to create an extra living area or expand an existing one while also improving the look of your home. The perfect home addition can bring family members closer together, create new memories, and even increase the value of your Petoskey home in the long run. Let’s learn more about home addition renovations and why they could be the ideal choice for your home.

Type of Home Addition

The first step in any home renovation is deciding on the type of renovation that best suits your needs. There are many different types of home additions, including adding bedrooms, bathrooms, patios, decks, sunrooms, garages, and more. Consider how you can use the new space and what you’d like to achieve with it. Knowing the reason for the construction will help guide your renovation decisions.


Adding extra space to your home can have various benefits and could potentially increase the value of your property and make it more desirable for potential buyers. An addition like a sunroom can provide you with natural light, which can allow you to enjoy more vitamin D without leaving the comfort of your home. Additionally, extra bedrooms or bathrooms can help accommodate your growing family or any visiting guests.

Most Popular Projects

The most popular home addition projects include extra bedrooms or bathrooms. Patios and decks are also popular projects. Not only do they provide an area for outdoor entertaining and relaxing, but they also add extra curb appeal to your home.

Design Ideas

When you’re remodeling any part of your home, you should keep design in mind. From furniture and paint colors to the architectural style and adding personal touches, you can make your home addition renovation everything you wanted. You can ensure your home looks amazing while it’s expanding.

By investing in a home addition renovation, you could add more value to your property and improve the look of your home. You can create extra living areas or expand existing ones that can benefit you and your family in the long run. Just remember to research different types of home additions and consider how you can use the extra space. With remodeling expenditure at an all-time high, now is a great time to start planning your renovation project. Get in touch with us today to start planning your project!

How to Find the Best Design Build Remodeling Contractors

When it comes to home improvement projects, design build remodeling contractors are the go-to experts. They specialize in the design, construction, and renovation work that can help transform your space into something new and beautiful. When looking for the best contractor near you, certain factors should be taken into consideration.

1. Research Their Portfolio

The design build contractor you choose should have an extensive portfolio showcasing their design and remodeling work. You’ll want to look for design elements that emphasize functionality and aesthetics. Also, find reviews from previous clients to get a better idea of the quality of their work.

2. Check for Licensing and Insurance

When choosing among design build remodeling contractors, ensure they’re licensed in the state where they work. Additionally, it’s important to check if they have liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage in place for their employees. It’ll ensure that any accidents on the job are covered.

3. Find Out About Specializations

Different design build remodeling companies specialize in different types of work. If your project involves complex design elements, such as kitchen cabinetry or bathroom tile installation, make sure the contractor you choose is experienced and knowledgeable in that field. Additionally, according to the 2020 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, kitchens and guest bathrooms remained the most popular renovation focus but 10% of homeowners also added or improved home offices. Be sure to pick a remodeling contractor who can design and implement unique ideas for any room of your home.

4. Communicate Expectations

Before hiring a design build remodeling company, both parties should understand expectations. Set a timeline for completion and agree on any design or material changes that may arise during the project. Discussing all aspects of the job before starting will help prevent any misunderstandings.

Hiring design build remodeling contractors is a great way to improve the design and functionality of any home. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the best contractor near you who can help turn your design dreams into reality. Contact McBride Remodeling in Petoskey and Northern Michigan for more information.

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Three Reasons to Build a Home Addition

Homeowners in Petoskey know the value of home addition renovations. Home addition renovations add square footage of living space and add value to your property and lifestyle in Northern Michigan. If you’re on the fence about starting home addition renovations, here are some of the most compelling reasons homeowners choose this type of project.

1. Your Family Is Growing

Your home might have been the perfect size for your family when you bought it, but many things change over time. You might have more children or have an elderly parent that needs to move in with you. When you need more space to accommodate your family but don’t want to move into a new home, building a home addition is a great option. You can use a home addition as extra bedrooms, a playroom for children, or even an in-law suite!

2. You Want to Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re looking to increase your home’s value, adding any sort of addition is a smart move. For example, an extra bedroom or a home office will enhance your home’s value and be very appealing to buyers if you choose to sell down the road. According to a study from the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, with a full kitchen renovation, homeowners can recoup about 59% of the cost, and a new master suite will typically return 50%. This makes creating a new kitchen or primary suite out of a home addition very appealing to many home buyers. Even if you’re planning to stay in your home for years to come, an addition that enhances your home’s equity will be beneficial if you choose to take out a line of credit.

3. You Need a Specialized Space

With many homeowners working from home nowadays, specialized spaces are more important than ever. For example, working at your kitchen table or in your bedroom is not ideal. With a home addition, you can create a specialized space for a home office! If you have school-age children who are learning from home, you could also consider creating a homework or classroom area.

If you’re ready to expand the living space in your home, the right home addition contractor can help. Your home has a lot more potential than you realize. Call us today at McBride Remodeling to take all the stress out of your home addition project.

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The Most Common Questions Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Are Asked

Many homeowners have a lot of the same questions for kitchen remodeling contractors. Some of the most frequently asked questions that are asked of these companies have to do with the business itself. Other FAQs are more focused on the process. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions kitchen remodeling companies hear.

Have You Done Kitchen Remodeling Projects Before?

This is the most important question to ask and should be first on your list. It’s important to hire a company with vast experience in remodeling kitchens. If a company has not taken on this type of project before or one of your size, your best bet will be to choose a different company. The right choice is a company with years of experience, a dedicated team, and high-quality work.

Do You Offer Financing?

Financial questions are very popular questions to ask, and rightfully so. It’s important that clients understand their financing options when it comes to large remodeling projects. Since, according to Houzz, more than $400 billion each year is spent on renovations, repairs, and remodeling in the United States, most large companies that remodel kitchens will offer some sort of financing option. Be sure to ask this question at the start of your remodeling project.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Now more than ever, homeowners understand the importance of hiring a company that is both licensed and insured. Hiring a licensed company ensures you are hiring contractors with the skills and experience necessary for your kitchen renovation project. When they’re insured, you know that if any accidents occur during your project, you will not be responsible. Rather, the insured company you hire will be responsible for injuries or damages. Given the importance of hiring a licensed and insured company, this is a question you should never skip over.

How Do I Know What Materials Are the Right Choice?

There are several things to consider when you are picking the materials for your kitchen remodeling. Function and style are the most important factors. Materials vary in durability and function, so your remodeling team can help you to make choices that fit your home’s style and your lifestyle.

There are many more questions you’ll likely have if you’re getting ready to remodel your kitchen. One of the best ways to get the answers you need to make informed decisions is to work with a team that is committed to customer care. Call us today at McBride Remodeling in Northern Michigan to get your questions answered.


McBride Named to Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 in the U.S.

Being recognized as the Top 500 of remodeling firms in the United States by Qualified Remodeler is a high honor for our team. The list, which is based on remodeling dollar volume, total years in business, certifications, accreditations and community service, represents the most successful remodeling firms across the country. McBride Remodeling came in at Number 414 on the list, an exciting accomplishment for our entire Northern Michigan team. 

McBride Remodeling Has Grown in its 40 Years of Operations

Being recognized as Qualified Remodeler’s list of the Top 500 remodeling firms in the country is validation that the McBride Method works and that our reputation for consistent quality and dependability have earned us this distinction. Here at McBride Remodeling, we believe our clients come first and that our commitment to excellence and service have built a strong reputation throughout Northern Michigan. 

McBride Remodeling began over 40 years ago with a mission to provide families in the Petoskey region with the home of their dreams and places where they can make memories. All the awards in the world won’t compare to one of our previous clients returning for another project or recommending McBride Remodeling to their friends and family. Knowing that we exceeded their expectations so that they will refer us to the people closest to them will always be our highest honor. We look forward to continuing the tradition of being the remodeling firm of choice for generations of families throughout the Northern Michigan region. 

Rest assured, that when you choose to work with our team, we promise to always provide exceptional customer service and the highest quality remodeling services throughout your project. 

Award Winning Service and Results

While the Top 500 list shows the volume and value of the projects we’ve been able to complete in 2022, it’s an honor to pair this with our other awards that highlight our work and quality. For instance, we’ve been named “Best Builder of the Northwest” for multiple years and have received the Guildmaster Award of Excellence. In addition, we have earned multiple certifications which represent our achievements in specific areas, such as being named a Certified Aging-in-Place specialist and Certified Green Professional.  

Driven by Our Core Values

While earnings and accolades are important and an honor, we’ll always remain focused on our core values as a key driving force for our work. We will always strive to Do The Right Thing and put our clients first, prioritizing integrity, honesty and kindness. Our mantra is to Go The Extra Mile, which means we never want to stop learning, and strive to be the best communicators, while remaining a strong, supportive team. We understand what matters most is that we are good people who treat others with respect and compassion, always finding ways that we can give back to our community. That’s why we chose our 40 Acts of Kindness as a giving way to commemorate our 40 year anniversary. 

Looking Toward the Future and More Growth

Although 2022 marks the eighth time McBride Remodeling has been named to the Top 500 list, this year is particularly rewarding because of the improvements we’ve made. We’ve worked hard to ensure more efficient material sourcing and availability of materials, resulting in no more waiting or backlogs for our clients. As market conditions have improved and material availability has increased, we’re excited to take on new projects and look forward to helping you achieve your dream home.