Jay Sackrider and Aaron Cummings, owners of Mcbride Pure North

McBride Pure North

McBride Remodeling and Pure North llc have exciting news to share with our customers! With both companies wanting to expand and develop within the industry, owners Jay Sackrider and Aaron Cummings have decided to become partners. The businesses will now act as one company, working in tandem to build, remodel, manage, clean, and design existing and new homes in Northern Michigan.

A driving factor in this merger is the synergy of the companies. Working together, McBride and Pure North have greater capabilities to help serve Northern Michigan homeowners. This merger will allow for greater efficiency for our team and higher satisfaction for our customers. It also broadens our scope for projects; we can now take on larger-scale production with the team we have in place. Our goal is to be able to take care of all of your residential construction, property management, and cleaning needs in one location. With two established and trusted companies working in tandem, we are excited for you to see all we can offer Northern Michigan.

With these changes to the companies, we want everyone to know that everything will remain the same regarding the level of service you have received for years. You may see new faces or hear new voices answering the phone, but we are all here with the same goal of helping Northern Michigan homeowners build and maintain the home of their dreams. If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to give the office a call!

Mcbride property management

Why is property management important?

Caring for a home can be daunting; having a vacation home or summer cottage only amplifies those feelings. By hiring a property management team, you can enjoy your home stress-free. Here are three reasons why property management is vital for homeowners.

Access to the best professionals in the area.

If you don’t live in the area that your home is located in full-time, finding a trustworthy person to come clean, update the HVAC system, or paint your home can be stressful. When you hire property management services, that is all taken care of for you. They will have connections to the best professionals in your area and coordinate with them to get the work you need done.

Increase or maintain the value of your property.

A home is an investment, but the property value will depreciate rapidly if left neglected. According to Better Homes & Gardens, “Like a regular health check-up, a home maintenance schedule is important for every house’s upkeep.” Many things, such as draining ground sprinkler systems, only need to be done seasonally, but other tasks like checking the water softener, testing smoke alarms, and much more should be done as frequently as every month. Having a professional property management team available to come in and complete these tasks while you may be away will significantly benefit the health of your home.

Stress-free vacations.

Imagine arriving at your vacation home and having everything ready and waiting for you; with a property management team, you can! Not having to schedule cleaners to wipe the dust from the winter off or coordinate to get the air conditioning system serviced allows you to slip right into vacation mode. A property management team can enhance your time at your property and away from it by taking care of issues and keeping you updated on the tasks they are completing.



exterior of a property management home

What are the benefits of property management?

Northern Michigan vacation homes and cottages hold a special place in families’ hearts and are shared throughout generations. One day you are watching your children dip their toes in the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline; the next, they are bringing your grandchildren to do the same. McBride Property Management ensures that your home is cared for while you are away and ready for your arrival when you return to create more memories.

Supervision during the harsh Northern Michigan winters.

Having a home that is special to you can be stressful, especially if you don’t live there year-round. Houses, especially in Northern Michigan, need year-round maintenance and supervision to keep them in tip-top shape. Often, McBride Property Management isn’t fixing problems that have already happened but aiding in preventing future issues. This could include coordinating services such as cleaning, electrical work, painting, plumbing, driveway sealing, pest control, etc. Inspections can also have ice damage monitoring, essential to ensuring your home is protected against the harsh winters of Northern Michigan.

You will be ready for vacation upon arrival.

Who wants to spend their precious time up north worrying about preparing their home… no one! When you work with McBrideProperty Management, our team will sit down with you and develop a fall and spring checklist so that everything gets handled for you. These lists can include everything from checking and cleaning gutters to organizing an A/C system check and start-up. Tailored to you and your home so you can maximize your time.

Peace of mind while you are away.

Overall the most significant benefit of McBride Property Management is having peace of mind; whether you live there full-time or visit seasonally, your home is unique, and we are here to help you take care of that. Our team will strive to understand the ins and outs of your home and learn what you need to feel comfortable and confident in your property management. Knowing that someone is nearby if you get a fire alarm notification is reassuring, and knowing there is someone else to open your home up in the spring for you is relaxing. With inspections comes thorough documentation that will be shared with you in real time so that you are updated on any issues that may arise in your absence and presented with solutions to solve them. These include photos and notes so that you have as much information as you need, and our team is always just a phone call away. Whether you are near or far, McBride Property Management has your back.


What Are the Most Popular Residential Renovations Predicted for 2023?

According to the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, some renovation projects increase the value of your home more than their cost. One example is the installation of hardwood flooring, which returned an estimated 106% of the cost. Many of the most popular 2023 residential renovations can add value to your home while increasing the enjoyment you feel in your home. Continue reading to learn which renovations are predicted to be the most popular in 2023.

Proper Home Offices

As it appears that the work-from-home trend isn’t going anywhere, more homeowners are adding a home office to their residential renovations wish list. If you’ve been spending the past few years working at your dining room table or a tiny corner in your living room, then you understand why creating a home office is on the top trend list. Dedicated space for a home office also makes it easier to separate work time from family time. If you’re tired of trying to focus and work in an inadequate home working environment, then it’s time to start designing your new office in your Petoskey home.

Upgrades to Bathrooms and the Kitchen

It’s doubtful that kitchen and bathroom remodels will ever disappear from popular renovation trends. This year, more people are focused on creating bathroom spaces that offer tranquil relaxation and kitchens that are centered around the family. If your kitchen is in need of a remodel, then now is an ideal time to plan one. The same is true for bathroom renovations. There are a number of exciting design options that rely on natural materials and neutral colors that provide a calming background for your daily life.

Creating More Comfortable Outdoor Living Spaces

Entertaining at home has always been popular, and now more homeowners are moving their dinner parties and other events outside. This means that entertainment spaces include chef’s kitchens, fire pits, hardscaping, and water features. You may be surprised by just how often you use an updated outdoor space for entertaining and time spent with family members. There’s something really special about spending time outside among the beautiful natural landscapes that are abundant in our area. Now’s the time to design the perfect garden oasis for you and your family members to enjoy this summer and for many seasons to come.

If you’re planning some residential renovations in the near future, then we’re the company to call. Contact us today and let us help you make your Northern Michigan home match your dreams.


3 Tips to Help Choose Between Multiple Kitchen Remodeling Companies

According to Kitchen Infinity, the completion of kitchen remodeling services has increased by 23% in the past 12 months. If you’re looking to add to this statistic and considering a kitchen remodel for your home, then you may be wondering how to find the right service provider. Continue reading to learn a few tips to choose a kitchen remodeling service in Northern Michigan.

1. Decide on the Scope of Your Project

The best service provider for your project may depend on the size of your project. The right professional for a few cosmetic updates could differ from the right firm for a full renovation. Once you’ve decided exactly what it is that you want to obtain through your remodeling project, you’ll be in a much better position to determine which contractor is right for your needs. Full-service contractors are usually the best option, as they understand exactly what needs to happen to get the job done, no matter how large or small.

2. Check Reviews and Ask Around

Your friends and neighbors are often the best resources for finding out which local contractors are the best in the area. In addition to asking for advice from the people you know, online reviews are also helpful. Take a look at a few of the reviews that are posted and remember to read the good and bad reviews. These reviews should be a part of your research, not the only way that you seek information. Combining all of the information that you receive about potential companies is an effective way to make a decision about who to hire.

3. Set Up an In-Person Consultation

Once you have a short list of a few potential companies, you’ll want to meet them in person. They’ll also want to take a look at the job site and get a better understanding of what the project entails. This is an excellent opportunity to ask them for references. You’ll also want to confirm that they hold all necessary certifications and insurance. When you receive your estimate, be sure to double-check all warranties and guarantees upfront to avoid confusion down the road. It’s always a great idea to get everything in writing too.

If you’re looking for one of the most experienced design build firms in the area, then look no further than our team! We provide the top-quality kitchen remodeling services that homeowners in the Petoskey and Northern Michigan areas expect. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

whole home remodeling contractors

3 Things Whole Home Remodeling Contractors Are Predicting in 2023

Whole home remodeling contractors have some predictions for 2023. Last year, remodeling home contractors predicted that kitchen remodeling projects were going to be a huge focus for homeowners. According to Kitchen Infinity, the predictions were right on target. Kitchen remodeling was on the upswing, and by March of 2022, had already seen an increase of 23% over the year before. Here are this year’s predictions.

1. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Whole home remodeling contractors are predicting that energy-efficient remodeling will be a focus for 2023. Homeowners will choose remodeling projects that help them to reign in their energy costs. At the same time, it is predicted that homeowners will focus on using sustainable materials in their home improvement projects.

Expect to see a push for bamboo flooring and other sustainable materials as well as upcycling of materials and goods in the coming year. Homeowners are becoming more conscious of the impact that home improvement has on the environment.

2. Complete Redesigns Will Be Big

In the coming year, more homeowners will consider restructuring the design of their homes to make them more livable for their lifestyle. More homeowners this year will decide not to upgrade their lifestyle by moving. Instead, they will tap into the possibilities in their own home.

According to whole home remodeling contractors, homeowners will put more effort into the design of their home including re-designing living areas to create open floor plans. People will move less this coming year and remodel more.

3. Remodeling for Future Needs

As the population ages, we will see more homeowners remodeling to prepare for future needs. Whether those needs are creating more space for aging parents or remodeling the space to ensure aging in place is easier. There will be a big remodeling trend that prepares homes for future needs.

Whole home remodeling contractors are immersed in the remodeling market and have their finger on the pulse of how home remodeling trends fluctuate. This year’s predictions are probably right on the nose as they have been in the past years.

Remodeling contractors can transform any space. If you have a home remodeling project in mind, connect with a trusted whole home remodeling contractor today, like us at McBride Remodeling in Northern Michigan, to get your project started.

kitchen remodeling contractors

3 Tips to Help Your Project Go Smoothly With Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

If you have hired kitchen remodeling contractors to manage your kitchen remodeling project, you can do your part to ensure that the project goes smoothly. It is important that you work with kitchen remodeling contractors you can trust. The first tip to ensure that your kitchen project comes together perfectly is to choose the right kitchen remodeling contractors. Here are three other tips to prepare for the project.

1. Focus on Communication

If you get an email from your contractor, be sure that you open it, review it, and reply to the email. If you have a missed call from the contractor, be sure to return it ASAP. You want everyone to be on the same page with your project and open communication is the way you do that.

If you fail to focus on communication, you could find yourself in a situation where your project is put on hold. According to Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, blue is a big color for kitchens this year, the color blue has become a part of 7% of kitchen upgrades. However, blue comes in many shades. If your contractor can’t get in touch with you so you can approve the shade, your project has to stop. This is why it’s important to keep lines of communication open.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

If you spot something being done with the project that you think is incorrect, don’t be afraid to ask your contractor. Good remodeling contractors want you to speak up and ask questions. They don’t want to find out at the end of the project that you didn’t want something done.

It is always better to ask questions and get answers about a step in the process than to wait until the project is completed and you’re not satisfied. If you have a question, ask it! Your remodeling contractors will be happy to give you an answer.

3. Prepare Ahead of Time

The amount of time your kitchen remodeling project will take can vary greatly depending on materials and the overall size of the project. Regardless, it’s important that you prepare for this period because for at least part of the time you will not be able to use your kitchen.

It is important that you work with kitchen remodeling contractors that can give you accurate timelines to help with your planning. A smooth kitchen remodel all comes down to choosing the right contractor. Call us today at McBride Remodeling in Northern Michigan to learn more.

Open floor plan

Explore Our Delightful Modern Makeover

Last Summer, we had the privilege of creating a more open space for our client’s home in Petoskey, MI. The homeowners came to us wanting to open up their downstairs space by connecting the living room, kitchen and dining room into a more open concept. They also longed for greater functionality in the kitchen and an updated look throughout. In addition, our clients wanted to update the look of their exterior with a new refresh of crisp white siding.

Together, we helped them decide on a design that met all of their needs, and we’re happy they feel the same way based on their recently posted review: “We were carefully guided, and assisted in making decisions that added beauty and value to our home in ways we had not considered. Each part of our building project was well documented, and updated daily through the Buildertrend app, which we found very helpful.” Explore here how we helped them achieve these goals as we provide a detailed tour of this remodel.

Feel Connected in This Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

We began with new flooring to create an open, expansive, and inviting kitchen. Rich luxury vinyl plank in a gorgeous warm Wellington Oak shade provides a luxurious background for the new kitchen. To create a connected feel, we used this same 100% waterproof, commercial-grade flooring throughout the downstairs.

WoodHarbor Cabinets in the modern Madison door style line the outer perimeter of the kitchen in crisp white, which complements perfectly with the Hale Navy colored cabinets of the island. The kitchen’s look is finished with Cambria Quartz countertops in the Annicca finish which perfectly recreates the rich look of marble while offering greater durability.

A Cozy Living Room Perfect for Curling Up Together 

Since this home originally featured a drop-down living room, our first task was to raise it to floor level to feel consistent with the rest of the downstairs rooms. From there, we added touches that inspire gathering, such as a cozy shiplap wall and an electric fireplace. We also made sure to open the space so those in the dining room and kitchen could still feel a part of the activities in this beautiful entertaining space.

A Downstairs Laundry Room Meets Guestbath

To give our clients added convenience and maximize their space, we successfully combined a guest bath with a downstairs laundry room. There was even space to fit overhead Kraftmaid cabinetry in a decorative Lyndale shaker style finished in the elegant gray Serenity Suede tone.

The homeowners couldn’t be happier with the finished design, look, and construction. They commented that they would recommend McBride “without reservation.” That means so much to our dedicated team, who worked hard to bring their vision to life. The homeowners added this to their online review: “The coordination with other trades was first class and managed well. Pride in craftsmanship is something that is rare to find in today’s world, these are folks who truly take pride in what they do and it shows. Home is always home, but the team of McBride Remodeling brought everything together to make our tired old house a real home again. We can’t thank them enough.” You are quite welcome! It was truly our pleasure!

Why Is the Popularity of Design Build Remodeling Increasing?

Remodeling is a great way to transform your home and design build remodeling is becoming increasingly popular. Here’s why design build remodeling is becoming such a popular choice among Petoskey homeowners.

Comprehensive Remodeling

The remodeling process can be an overwhelming one, but design build remodeling takes some of the hassles out of the process. When you work with one contractor or company to design and execute a remodel, you don’t have to worry about getting additional individuals up to speed on important project details. Instead, you get one contractor or company with a vision to help you see your remodel through from start to finish.

Saving Time

The design build remodel process can also help homeowners save time, which is a major obstacle when it comes to home remodels. It takes a lot more time to find separate design and building contractors, and working with a design-to-build contractor means you don’t have to waste your precious time. If you’re on a tight deadline, design build remodelers can help you make sure your project gets done the right way and on time.

Better Quality Work

You always want to hire the best talent when it comes to contractors, but you can’t count on remodeling contractors to share your vision if they weren’t a part of the planning process. Working with design build remodelers means you’re collaborating on a vision every step of the way, so you can get high-quality work that helps you bring your vision to life.

Accessible Remodeling

Many homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to remodeling, but design build remodelers simplify the process. According to IHS Markit, companies saw an 8.5% increase in home improvement service sales as of March 2022. A big part of that increase in sales may be attributed to the rise in the popularity of design build remodelers making remodels easier for homeowners.

Remodeling is no small feat, but you can make your life a lot easier by working with a design build remodeling company. When the entire process is handled by a single contractor or company, remodeling is a whole lot easier. If you’re looking for a comprehensive remodeling contractor, give us a call today at McBride Remodeling in Northern Michigan.

The Top 4 Ideas for Your Home Addition

When it comes to home additions, the possibilities are endless. From adding a second story or additional rooms to extending your living space, you can choose whatever suits your needs. However, coming up with the right idea for your home addition can be overwhelming. Here are some of the top ideas for your home addition that can provide both functionality and aesthetic value to your property.

1. Sunroom or Conservatory

Adding a sunroom or conservatory is an excellent way to add living space and create a cozy atmosphere. Sunrooms are versatile spaces that can be used for additional storage, as a playroom for your kids, or as an extra seating area. Conservatories are more like glass extensions of the home that provide a great view of your outdoor space. It’s an excellent way to take advantage of natural light while keeping your living space comfortable and secure.

2. Laundry Room

For those who need more space for their laundry and cleaning, a laundry room addition is ideal. With a dedicated area for laundry and cleaning supplies, it also eliminates the clutter in other parts of the home. This designated space is a great alternative to installing a washer-dryer unit in the bathroom or closet. You can now keep all your laundry-related items in one place, which makes them easier to find when you need them.

3. Home Office or Study

While the pandemic forced more people to work from home, a separate office or study space can provide the perfect environment for productivity. As many as 34% of Americans have renovated their homes in the past couple of years because they had to spend more time at home, according to NerdWallet. A home office or study allows you to work in a comfortable environment without distractions.

4. Guest House or In-Law Suite

If you’re looking for extra space to accommodate your guests and relatives, an in-law suite or guest house is a great choice. The in-law suite can be used as an additional bedroom, and the guest house may become a mini apartment. This addition is ideal for those who have frequent visitors, such as family or friends, and need to provide them with a separate space.

Adding on to your home comes with many options. Whether you want a real laundry room, a private guest space, or an outdoor oasis, McBride Remodeling can help. Call our team in Northern Michigan for a consultation today.