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Several Market Factors Are Driving Demand for Home Remodeling

If you are considering remodeling some or all of your Northern Michigan home, you are not alone. Research shows that interest in starting home renovations is high. In May, 73% of consumers indicated that they were moving ahead with home improvement and remodeling projects, according to Lightstream, an online lending division of SunTrust Bank.* 

There are several factors at play here. Housing prices are high, so remodeling your primary or secondary home makes more financial sense than moving for most. Increases in the use of spaces around the home related to decreases in travel for business and pleasure have also lead to higher levels of homeowner dissatisfaction with their homes. Kitchens in particular have seen greater use, and are a major source of homeowner frustration. Privacy concerns are also driving renovations for additions, home offices, basements, and outdoor living areas to expand livable space. 

Embarrassment is another driver in the decision to remodel. The study referenced above shows that 64% of respondents say they’re embarrassed to let others see parts of their home–even on a video conference call. 

Our experience corroborates these findings. In spite of COVID-19, and to a certain extent because of it, we have been busier than ever, and have expanded our team to respond to the surge in the demand for our services. That said, we are advising anyone considering a remodeling project for 2021 to start planning now, to ensure that their project is completed in the desired time frame.

Why You Need to Start Planning Now

If you’ve never remodeled before, you might not be aware of just how much time the planning and design phases require to ensure a project that runs smoothly, stays on budget and finishes on time. Using the McBride Method, we carefully design, plan and execute your project with seamless precision–but it’s a process that can take several months or more depending on the scope of the project. 

Before we even start to swing a hammer, we collaborate with our clients to find the best designs and solutions for their individual needs and tastes. We start with an in-depth meeting to explore the possibilities, then our design team listens and gets into the details. The designs and plans are refined with our clients in this phase. Once we have an approved design, we line up our team, trade partners, vendors, and schedule the project — getting all these moving parts aligned before we start building is the key to a successful remodel.

Design-Build Advantages

Our approach to the design-build process means you are working with a unified team. We insist on clear communication and scheduling so that nothing falls through the cracks. That communication stream includes our clients, team members, and sub-contractors. Utilizing web-based construction management tools, we collaborate and communicate with clients, team members, and trade partners throughout the process to keep projects running smoothly. The result is a worry-free experience for our clients, whether they’re here in Northern Michigan or at their winter homes elsewhere across the country.  

Resources for Getting Started

We created two resources to help you get started. Our guide to whole-home remodeling and our kitchen renovation guide are tools to help you sort through all the questions and details involved in a remodeling project. 

Contact Us

If you’re ready to modify your home for the way you want to live, get in touch to get the ball rolling. Our schedule is already filling up for 2021, so don’t delay. Call us at 231-348-2749 or complete this contact form and we’ll schedule a virtual consultation meeting via Zoom. 

We look forward to helping you make your home a happier place to live!

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October COVID Update at McBride Remodeling

Dear Friends of McBride Remodeling,

The last three months have been a challenging yet productive period here at McBride Remodeling. Throughout this busy time, our team has maintained our focus on safety. I am very proud to report that none of our employees or current clients have tested positive for COVID-19. We take this national health crisis extremely seriously and continue to do our best to keep the health and wellbeing of our team members, clients, and all their families at the forefront of the services we provide.

Our Pledge to You

You have my commitment that no matter what happens in Washington, Lansing, or locally, we will continue to act responsibly to protect all of our workers and clients. All office personnel wear masks and observe social distancing when we need to physically work together. Whenever possible we use video conferencing to minimize the possibility of exposure.

In the field, we are taking every possible step to disperse staff so there is minimal interaction among team members and trades. Everyone on site is equipped with masks and cleaning supplies. As an added benefit, many of our projects have HEPA air scrubbers on site helping to keep the air as pure as possible.

Our Thanks to You

This has been a very difficult year, and I want to thank everyone for your support and business. It’s been heartwarming to be able to keep doing what we do best — remodeling homes and businesses during this most challenging time.

Join Our Team

We are fortunate to be experiencing an increased demand for our remodeling services. We are actively looking to add qualified folks to our award-winning team to meet the demand. If you know of anyone interested in sales, marketing, carpentry, or administration, please send them our way!

Thank You!

On behalf of everyone here at McBride, thanks again for all of your kindness and support, and we wish you and yours good health and wellness.


Dave McBride


Get Your Money’s Worth: Home Addition Ideas with a High ROI

Home improvement projects are more popular than ever, especially as many of us continue to shelter in place as much as possible. And while a surprising 35% of remodeling jobs involve the entire home, there are many properties that could benefit from a single renovation project — ideally, one that increases your home’s square footage.

Home addition renovations can serve a number of important purposes. They can offer additional storage space, more privacy, or accommodate more household occupants. And while home additions may be subject to specific guidelines and ordinances, many homeowners find that these projects are well worth it; not only can they improve your overall quality of life, but they can also significantly add to a home’s value.

However, not all renovations are created equal. While some are highly desirable, others may not provide the payoff you’d think. That’s true for home addition renovations, as well. Before you start working with remodeling contractors, you’ll want to determine whether your idea for a home addition will offer a good return on your investment.

Which Home Addition Renovations Offer the Best Returns on Investment?

  • Master Suite Additions: If you’ve dreamed of having a master bedroom and en suite bathroom, there’s good news. Master suite additions can provide an impressive ROI. According to Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide, homeowners can expect a 63% return on their investment when they add a master suite to their home. Although you can easily go for the “bump-out” method (which essentially involves tacking on extra space to your home’s exterior), making use of square footage you already have can also be an option. You could build a master suite addition over your garage or porch, as well as combine an existing guest room and bathroom into the finished design. Alternatively, a converted attic, basement, or garage can be turned into a master suite addition if you’re looking to get creative.
  • Two-Story Additions: Home additions that span two stories may sound intimidating, but the rewards are high. In fact, Home Advisor estimates an ROI of 65% for these property additions, particularly if they include a first-floor living area and second-floor master suite. Although these additions are significant in scale, they can have a major impact on the resale value of your home, as well as your overall enjoyment of the space. If you plan to remain in your home for years to come, this can be a great option. Depending on the designs you choose, this type of addition could allow you to become a multi-generational household or comfortably age in place.
  • Bathroom Additions: Bathroom renovations are among the most popular job requests contractors receive. But bathroom additions can take your home to a whole new level. Not only can this addition solve a number of problems your family might already be experiencing, but it can also allow your home to sell more quickly once it’s listed on the real estate market. Case in point, Home Advisor reports that bathroom additions can bring a 53% return on investment. A property without enough bathrooms can be a real deterrent for prospective buyers. Whether you opt for a full or half-bath, a bathroom addition can act as an important selling point — or be the very thing that keeps you from moving to a new home.

Where Can I Find Qualified Home Addition Contractors Near Me?

Ultimately, you don’t have to look farther than the top of this page to find reputable home addition renovation contractors for your next project. Whether you have a vision in mind or need some guidance to ensure your home’s value, we’re here to help. Contact McBride Remodeling today for further information.


These Bold Bathroom Trends Are Taking Over in 2020

Although 85% of U.S. homes were built prior to 1980 and are in need of improvement, bathrooms are among the most popular job requests received by design build remodeling contractors nationwide. But while your main bathroom serves some important purposes, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with its design. If you want a final result that’s more than the basics, you might want to pay attention to the latest and greatest bathroom trends. When you aren’t afraid to try something a little bit bolder, you can reap some major rewards. Here’s what many design build remodeling experts are suggesting for 2020 bathroom renovation projects.

Ban the Beige and Embrace the Black

Many homeowners want a final design that feels clean and fresh. Understandably, white bathroom designs remain popular for this reason. But there are other neutral tones that can make this space stand out. Design build remodeling professionals are seeing an uptick in demand for black tiles or dark-colored wall coverings to add a sense of modern drama. While the entire room shouldn’t feel like a cave, using black as an accent can create a sleek feel. And when done correctly, it can even make a room feel more expansive due to a more emphasized sense of depth.

Double Up

In some kitchen remodeling projects, you might observe it’s become popular to incorporate doubles of certain appliances to create a real chef’s kitchen. But that’s not the only room that might benefit from duplicate features. If you opt for a large walk-in shower, consider embracing the trend of dual showerheads. Some showers have a hand-held showerhead paired with a rainfall shower, while others feature a wall-mounted showerhead with another overhead. The end result feels more luxurious and spa-like, creating an experience that’s much more than run-of-the-mill bathing.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Many design build remodeling contractors are noticing that homeowners are willing to make a statement with their bathroom renovations. Instead of sticking with neutrals, patterned floor tiles and even wacky wallpaper are trending. Unique wall sconces, colorful tubs and sinks, and mixing and matching have now become more popular, especially in master suites and half-baths. Whether you want to put your own spin on your bathroom oasis or you’re willing to take a risk in a smaller space, don’t be afraid to embrace something outside your comfort zone. As long as you don’t plan to sell your home right away and you keep the overall decor of your home in mind, you can give yourself permission to include a design feature that you might otherwise shy away from.

If you plan on remodeling your bathroom or any other space in 2020, you deserve to work with the whole home remodeling contractors Northern Michigan residents trust. For more information on how we can bring your renovation vision to life, please contact McBride Remodeling today.

top 100 satisfaction leader 2020

McBride Earns Spot on Top 100 Satisfaction Leaders List

Qualified Remodeler in collaboration with Guild Quality recently announced its list of the Top 100 Customer Satisfaction Leaders for 2020. We are excited to share that McBride Remodeling earned a place on this prestigious list of elite remodelers across the United States and Canada.

To be eligible for this award, remodeling companies had to subscribe to Guild Quality’s customer satisfaction monitoring services during the 2019 calendar year and achieve a recommend rate of 92% or greater for 2019. According to Guild Quality, the recommend rate is the percentage of clients who, at the conclusion of their project, would recommend the company that performed the work to a friend. McBride’s recommend rate for 2019 was 100%.

According to Dave McBride, owner of McBride Remodeling, this recognition is gratifying on many levels. “First and foremost, we earned this recognition based on the feedback of our clients, and that’s incredibly rewarding. One of our core company values is excellence. Whatever we do, we strive to delight our customers and exceed their expectations. Receiving this national recognition for the quality of our service underscores that our focus on excellence is paying off.”

top 100 satisfaction leaders 2020

Earning accolades for customer service is even more meaningful given current events, shared McBride. “This year has really tested us. The circumstances were so challenging with the initial shut-down, which caused us to have to furlough some production team members. Once we got the green light to return to work in the field, our team stepped-up to get all of our projects back on track. I could not be more proud of our team and the resiliency they’ve shown during this time.”

McBride Remodeling is one of only three companies in the state of Michigan to earn this recognition. Please join us in congratulating the team on this accomplishment!


How Designers Make the Difference

If you’re looking at your first remodeling project, getting your arms around the entire process is daunting. If you’re a seasoned renovator, you know how complicated a project can be, and you may have encountered problems before, like too many change orders or product selections left to the last minute. 

That’s how designers make a remodeling project successful and why we are a design-build company. Whether you rely on our own in-house design pro Paul Drayer or introduce us to a designer or architect of your choice, we work closely and collaboratively to get the best results.

Count on Experience

Odds are, no matter the project you are considering, an experienced designer has already tackled something similar. While homeowners may have one or two projects under their belts, designers do this every day, in a variety of home styles and decor. They know what works, what doesn’t, and how to build in value and function in a renovation project. 

Streamlining the Process

Having a designer on your side will streamline the entire process, from your first meeting through the final touches. They know how to communicate what you want to the production team, the people who will actually build the project. They will create clear, actionable plans and documentation for all the large and small details of the design, as well as answering any questions or concerns the building crew may have, quickly. Your designer will ensure that the remodel you want is the remodel you get.

Simplify Selections

If you’re embarking on a kitchen remodel, a whole home renovation, or anything in between, the sheer number of products, appliances, finishes, and flooring choices can be overwhelming. Bathroom renovations also require you to make many choices. If you’re renovating a kitchen and creating a more open space, those selections have to take into account the style and materials used in the rooms around it — and will often lead to remodeling one or more of those areas.

A designer can help make your choices easier and smarter. They know the brands that combine quality and value, allowing you to select from a smaller pool of products that will best meet your needs and style. It’s an incredibly worthwhile service, saving you time and cutting down anxiety.

Cut Down on Change Orders

Change orders happen, but our goal is to keep them to a minimum. Working with a designer helps us achieve this goal. Change orders generally add to the cost of the project, and some are completely unforeseen, like having to repair a problem that was hidden until we opened up a wall, ceiling, or floor. Other change orders are preventable by having everything ready to go according to the planning in the design stage. A designer will make sure the selections are made, and materials are ordered and on-site when the time comes. If there’s a problem at the time the order is placed, like a certain fixture or finish is unavailable, another choice can be made quickly. This keeps the production schedule moving, avoids tacking on extra days waiting for delivery and installation.

Designing & Building

We’re proud to have Paul on our team. With years of experience in construction and a degree in architecture from U of M, he understands the design-build environment and the challenges of remodeling. Paul works collaboratively with our clients, acting as their advocate while working closely with our production team as we all work to get the best results. But we also welcome working with a designer or architect chosen by our clients. We’re proud that we can partner with them to create the home our clients dream of.

If you’re ready to get started on your next design-build project, contact McBride Remodeling today to start a conversation. 


Expecting House Guests? Here’s What They’ll Notice (And What You Should Upgrade)

Owning a home is a rite of passage for many of us. And if you love to play host or hostess, you might see your home as a means to entertain friends and family on a regular basis. When you welcome loved ones from every corner of the globe, you know your home needs to be in tip-top shape. However, you might not see your home as your guests do. You may have already become accustomed to your property’s quirks, but visitors might feel these shortcomings translate to a lack of hospitality.

If you really want to knock the socks off your guests and make an incredible impression, you need to pay attention to the areas that really matter to visitors. Whether you’ve invited your in-laws to stay for a week or you’re making your guest room available for one night, here’s what your visitors will notice — and what you should discuss with your design build remodeling contractor.


Privacy is an important factor for permanent members of your household and for short-term guests. Even if you have a close relationship with those who come to visit, you still need to have some physical barriers to ensure they feel comfortable in your home. If they feel like every movement or sound can be readily observed by everyone else in the house, they won’t be able to enjoy themselves during their stay.

You may want to talk to your home addition contractor about creating a separate space for guests, particularly if you have visitors who will be staying for a longer period. You might be able to create something like an in-law suite that allows for a separate entrance. Of course, you don’t have to pursue whole home renovations to create a sense of privacy. Installing a new shower curtain, adding window privacy film, or adding a sliding barn door can work wonders.


No one wants to stay in a place that feels like a dark cave! If your home has a lack of natural lighting, especially in spaces like the bathroom and kitchen, your guests might feel frustrated. In some cases, this could even pose a safety hazard.

Those who are in the position to add some natural light in the form of windows (or even skylights) might want to talk to their renovation team about this possibility. Otherwise, you’ll need to supplement with additional lighting fixtures throughout the home. Make sure that your guests will be able to comfortably see in front of the bathroom mirror, in the cooking and dining areas, and in the guest bedroom.


No one expects you to have the same perks as a five-star hotel, but anything you can do to add more convenience to your guests’ stay can win you some brownie points.

For instance, you might want to talk to your home addition contractor about adding an extra washer and dryer to your basement renovation or second-story addition. Since the average U.S. family does eight to 10 loads of laundry each week, this is a feature that can benefit both your family and your guests. Even a simple set of bathroom toiletries, fresh towels or linens, or an extra bathrobe can make your guests feel right at home.


If your home is lacking in storage, your family might already be short on space. But you need to make sure you have enough storage for your guests, as well. If all of your closets are overflowing, the guest room is doubling as a home office, and your basement is functioning as a large storage warehouse, your guests are going to feel cramped.

If you simply don’t have enough room for your basic needs, you should discuss a plan with your home addition contractor to create additional spaces for both your family and your guests. And if you’re renovating the bathroom, kitchen, or guest room, make sure to factor lots of built-in storage into the design!

Want to make your home even more welcoming for guests? We can take your space to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.

Dave McBride and Earl

Covid-19 Operational Update 6/17/2020

WOW it has been a long and unpredictable four months! From the heart break of COVID-19 deaths, shutting down business, sheltering in place and now racial unrest, I’m pleased to say we’ve weathered the challenges and are ready to support our clients. Most businesses are now open, or are opening, in Northern Michigan and are ready to serve their customers in new and creative ways. I can personally tell things are getting back to normal as I hear more and more traffic outside my office window.

Here at McBride Remodeling we have made many adjustments to our work procedures to support the new realities created by the COVID virus. From wearing masks, zoom meetings, disinfecting job sites – as well disinfecting where ever necessary – we have risen to the challenge.

I personally want to thank all of my staff who pitched in to make the necessary changes required to keep us in business. I also want to thank our very loyal and dedicated trades who have also risen to the occasion, without them we would not be here today. I especially want to thank all of our loyal customers who supported us during and after the shutdown. You all have been more than generous with your resources as well as being patient as we adapted and navigated these new situations.

When I started this business 38 years ago I had no idea we would have to meet these challenges. My team was assembled to be proficient in dealing with the day-to-day challenges of remodeling your home. Now that same team is even more resilient and exceptional, and has proven it’s able to take on any political, economic or virus-born challenge that comes our way. I am very excited to see what the future holds and want you to know we will be here through thick and thin to help you with your challenging projects.

We are PROUD to be open for business and always have time to work with you to review ideas on how to make your home the oasis you have dreamed of!


Dave McBride

P.S. The photo was taken 24 hours after the state allowed barber shops to open. I was one of the few in the state that did not break the law and to get a back door hair cut!!!


Simple Ways to Add Style to Your White Bathroom

At a time when most of us have been staying home more than ever, it’s no wonder that you might have design build remodeling on the mind. The remodeling industry was already expected to grow by 2% annually through 2025 — and now that we have more time to fixate on every room, it’s likely that whole home renovations might become even more popular.

That being said, whole home remodeling isn’t your only option. In many cases, you can make a huge impact by focusing on just one space. For many homeowners, the main bathroom can be a source of frustration. While it should act as a spa-like oasis, it may be too cluttered to be as functional as it needs to be. Your design build remodeling experts can help you improve your bathroom, and provide suggestions on ways to add interest.

All-white bathrooms feel clean and fresh — which is why they’ve become so popular in recent years. But there can be too much of a good thing. If you know you want a white bathroom but want to keep it from feeling too sterile or bland, here are a few ways you can infuse some style into the design.

Install Some Subway Tiles

A popular element of many kitchen remodeling projects, subway tiles can also be used to great effect in bathroom renovations. Although many traditional styles of subway tiles are white or off-white, they can add interest to any space due to their dark grout. You can use subway tiles as a shower mosaic or continue the tiling throughout the bathroom space to give it a slightly more industrial or vintage feel. Even though you’ll still be playing with neutrals, these tiles will give the room more character from the onset.

Be Creative with Fixtures

Even if you love the look of white countertops, floors, cabinets, and walls, you can’t have every single element in the bathroom be devoid of color. A good way to add a pop of interest, even if it’s still in a neutral hue, is with your choice in fixtures. Your cabinet knobs, sink handles, grab bars, and light fixtures can easily allow you to add a bit of flare. Whether they be rose gold, polished brass, or even matte black, these fixtures will make your bathroom feel anything but boring.

Add Texture and Dimension

Adding pops of color with your sink or cabinetry can be a good way to make a bathroom look less mundane. But if you don’t enjoy the thought of a bolder hue in this space, you can add some visual interest with textural elements and extra dimension. Floating shelves, framed mirrors, area rugs, shiplap walls, or carefully chosen decor can make your design come to life — even if the room is mostly white in tone. You can always talk to your design build remodeling contractor to figure out how (and where) to add some interest without disrupting your neutral color scheme.

The Tub as a Statement Piece

Although some people think all they need is a shower, a bathtub is integral to a relaxing atmosphere. So if your design build remodeling company determines there’s enough space for a bathtub as part of your renovated design, you might want to consider making it more of a statement. A clawfoot tub or slipper tub can make any space look instantly more charming. Even if it’s an entirely white bathtub, it’ll totally stop the show — and provide a relaxing soak whenever you need to de-stress.

In the end, white doesn’t have to be boring. It all comes down to the design. We’ll ensure that your bathroom renovation or home addition becomes the pièce de résistance of your house. For more information, please contact us today.


How Can I Add a Warmer Touch to My Kitchen?

The kitchen is commonly known as the heart of the home — and for good reason. It’s the space where we celebrate, socialize, and enjoy countless shared meals with people we love. Not surprisingly, this room is high on the list of priorities for homeowners. According to a recent study conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, more than 10 million U.S. household remodel their kitchens on an annual basis.

Of course, many of those kitchen renovations likely followed well-known trends. Some of the most popular kitchen designs involve brightening up the space, incorporating whites and neutrals, and generally making the room look fresh and clean. While this can be an effective tactic, it’s also easy to take this trend a bit too far. If you aren’t careful, the abundance of white can make a kitchen space look sterile and unwelcoming.

Whether that scenario sounds familiar to you, or you are simply tired of having a kitchen that feels a bit drab, there are some very easy ways to make this room feel a lot more welcoming. When discussing plans with your kitchen remodeling contractors, be sure to consider the following ideas.

Add Hardwood Floors

Tile floors are commonly chosen by homeowners who enlist kitchen remodeling services, as they’re easy to clean and are relatively durable. However, this isn’t your only option when renovating this room. Hardwood floors can add an immeasurable amount of beauty and warmth to any space. It’s not a traditional choice for a kitchen, as hardwood isn’t naturally water-resistant, but it can be an excellent way to make this space feel more welcoming. As long as you use area rugs to your advantage and clean up any spills promptly, you can keep your hardwood floors looking gorgeous even in the kitchen. If the rest of your design is clean and white, hardwood floors can act as a statement that invites guests to make themselves at home.

Include Some Texture

Textural elements are another good option for warming up a space. You can accomplish this by adding a unique backsplash, a wall tapestry, a sliding barn door, or some decorative bar stool cushions during kitchen renovations. You can even add texture with an interesting countertop or table material such as stone or reclaimed wood. An accent wall can be another option for adding texture, which can easily be accomplished with some natural shiplap, brick, or even a cheery paint color. Include these possibilities when discussing your kitchen renovation with your contractor. Rustic elements typically have both texture and warmth, so your choice in small decor elements can make this space feel more lived-in, as well.

Use Earth Tones

One of the easiest ways to add warmth is by using warm-toned components as part of your design. Browns, tans, oranges, yellows, soft grays, and even sage green can make a space feel vibrant and welcoming. Whether you utilize these colors in your flooring, cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, wall paint, appliances, seating, or fixtures, they can make a big impact on how you (and others) feel in the space. If your goal is to make the space feel warmer, you may want to minimize your use of blues, teals, purples, and certain grays during kitchen renovations.

Whether you love the clean and neutral look or you want something a bit more old-worldly, remodeling your kitchen with some warmth in mind can make this room an amazing asset to your home. To learn more about improving the look and feel of your kitchen, please contact us today.