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5 Must-Have Features for Your Kitchen Remodel

Up to a third of homeowners claim to have adopted a healthier lifestyle after renovating their kitchens, according to a Houzz survey. Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting endeavor. When you use the services of design-build remodeling contractors, you’re assured a streamlined renovation process.

From the planning stages of your kitchen renovation to when construction is accomplished, you can rely on the best of the best to transform your kitchen. What do you see when it comes to your dream kitchen? The most-requested and top kitchen must-haves are featured below.

1. More Storage Is a Kitchen Remodel Must-Have

Who doesn’t want more storage in their kitchen? A kitchen remodel must-have is storage. As our families grow and our desire to buy more goods at once peaks, the need for storage is essential. There are actually many ways to add more storage when it comes to kitchen renovations.

Nothing feels better than being able to step into a spacious pantry with plenty of shelving. Having adequate space goes a long way in keeping a gourmet kitchen looking fantastic and stocked. If you aren’t very good at organizing, just shut the doors to effectively hide the chaos.

Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen renovation with frosted, translucent glass doors that slide open for easy access storage and visual recognition. Store a combination of dishes, glassware, and appliances behind sliding doors to add a stylish flair. This kind of storage adds an element of elegance to any kitchen renovation.

2. Plenty of Prep Space Is a Necessity

Prep space tends to be limited in most kitchens. Is your kitchen lacking adequate prep space? The National Kitchen and Bath Association defines prep space as “a section of countertop with a continuous reach that is 24 inches deep and 36 inches wide next to the sink.”

Kitchen remodeling services can ensure that you have the proper space to prepare the dishes you love to cook without being overcrowded. Have a peninsula added for a secondary prep location on a kitchen island. It can also be the perfect serving station that’s accessible to diners seated at the island.

3. Kitchen Islands Are the Most Requested Must-Have

Islands tend to be the focal point of a kitchen. This certainly is true when it comes to a luxury kitchen renovation. Kitchen remodeling contractors can make sure you get the kitchen island of your dreams with extra storage, seating, and plenty of room for food preparation. When remodeling your kitchen to add extra space, there are gorgeous kitchen island plans ready to accommodate you.

If kitchen space is limited, there are options that can still give you the island you’ve always wanted without compromising luxury or space. For example, choosing a long and narrow design that forgoes seating offers the feel of an open kitchen without compromising comfort.

4. Kitchen Eat-In Areas Are on the Rise

You may not always want to eat in your formal dining room. Sometimes, you just want a place to relax with a light meal. Eat-in areas are fast becoming a popular request that design-build remodeling firms are happy to meet. An eat-in area can easily be built into kitchen islands if there is enough kitchen space. Consider having an eat-in nook created with a countertop bar and table for double dining.

5. Clutter-Free Kitchens Are an Organizational Must-Have

Clutter makes even the cleanest spaces look bad. When renovating your kitchen, consider this a do-over that gives you the option to de-clutter and create a useful space. Organizational systems are the key to keeping counters uncluttered. The right accessories make a kitchen look elegant and feel comfortable. Consider including utensil storage, an appliance garage, knife storage, and spice storage options when renovating. The point is to keep your kitchen looking clean and sophisticated while staying uncluttered.

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