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5 Different Home Additions to Consider

There are many different types of home additions to add to your home. We will discuss some popular renovations that many homeowners tackle. They include adding on to your kitchen as part of remodeling it, expanding or adding a bathroom, adding a sunroom, finishing the basement, and adding an outdoor barbecue area. This can be called a room addition, which is a single room added to your home or bump-out. A bump-out might be another 25 feet or 50 to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Overall, you will need home addition contractors that know the laws about building limitations and restrictions because about 85% of homes built before 1980 need home improvement.

Kitchen Remodeling

Add on to your kitchen by increasing space and updating the features. You might want to add an island for preparing meals and eating or adding a pantry for extra storage. It can be a partial remodeling job adding cabinets to your kitchen or new appliances. Any kitchen remodeling job will increase the value of your home. It is often the room where you spend the most time, so it should be comfortable, functional, and designed for the people using it.

Expand or Add a New Bathroom

When you have a busy family or more than one person living in a home, the more bathrooms, the better. You can add sinks and vanities, a soaking tub, or even a tub with jets. You can add a small or large bathroom to an unused room or closet. This adds value to your home and helps with usage. There is more space available for family members in the morning and times when the bathroom is used more frequently. Adding a bathroom to the second or third floor will cost more than adding one to the main floor. Keep these factors in mind when remodeling or adding a bathroom.


Sometimes you can change a front, side, or back porch into a sunroom. You can enclose it and add heating and cooling. It can be a room to entertain, practice hobbies, and relax with family. Some have heating and air conditioning and some do not. Your home addition contractors are well-versed in your region’s building laws and codes and will find the perfect place for your sunroom.

Finish Your Basement

Finishing your basement can give you added space to entertain, for an apartment, or a home theater. It will need an egress door or windows if you plan to use it for an apartment or family members. It is also a popular addition for families that want to have a family room and entertain.

Adding An Outdoor Barbecue or Kitchen

This is a practical addition if you live in a warm climate and like to entertain often. It is practical and will keep your indoor kitchen clean. It will add value to your home and you can have a barbecue, parties, and special events. Your home addition contractor will help you create a dining area, grill, stove, and perhaps a bar. This is another popular addition that homeowners are adding on to increase the value of their homes.

Home additions are a major investment and need professional home addition contractors to help you plan and meet the local building requirements.

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