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4 Ideas For Designing Your Roof Deck

Thinking of hiring a design build remodeling company to add a roof deck to your home? This type of renovation is always a great idea, as it not only allows you to take advantage of a great view but also adds considerable value to your home. No wonder roof decks have become so popular! However, it’s important to have the right design when adding a rooftop deck. Check out these four great ideas for designing your rooftop deck and keep them in mind when working with a design build remodeling company

Reduce the Openness With a Pergola

An open view is always incredible, but if you find the openness to be too overwhelming, especially when the sun is glaring, then a pergola is the best way to go. A pergola provides the shade you need and will infinitely boost the aesthetic appeal of your roof deck.

Use Decking That Makes a Design Statement

The right kind of decking material can do wonders for your roof deck. New composite decking can be virtually maintenance-free! It also comes in a variety of tones and colors. So, when you’re considering decking material, be sure to choose an option that makes a design statement.

Remember These Decor Tips

Keep in mind that the main function of a rooftop deck is to allow you to enjoy the surrounding environment. Because of that, you don’t want something that distracts you from that. Generally, try and match the color of your roof deck to the surroundings.

For instance, if you have a water view, you can never go wrong with sandy browns, as well as white and blue hues.

Add the Right Amount of Lighting

A roof deck is meant to be enjoyed at night, too, and adding the right lighting allows you to do just that. In addition to permanent lighting, we also recommend creative touches like twinkle lights or even candles. This will help set the mood for more relaxation and enjoyment.

Now that you have an idea of what would make your rooftop deck even more enjoyable, it’s time to get started. We provide top-notch design build remodeling services, meaning we work with you from the design stage until your roof deck project is complete. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can enjoy your amazing and superbly designed rooftop deck.

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