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3 Types of Home Additions to Add More Space

A surprising 35% of remodeling jobs are whole home renovations. If you are looking to add both value and space to your home, then one of these projects might be right for you.


Thinking about adding extra space but don’t want to make the commitment of a larger, more conventional home addition? A sunroom is a great option for those who want an attractive space that brings the outdoors in. Sunrooms are built with plenty of windows so that you can soak up the sun, keep an indoor garden, or simply relax in comfort. Because sunrooms are usually separated from the main part of the house, you can have both the privacy of another room and the open, sunlit experience of oversized glass windows. Want even more space? Build an outdoor patio that connects to your sunroom for entertaining and enjoying the open air.


Building a garage is one of the most popular parts of whole home renovations. While some people prefer a separate, detached garage for even more additional space, others prefer a garage that attaches to the existing home. While both have their benefits, an attached garage is the more efficient option because you have the ability to use one of your existing walls. Because you are close to the main house, you can also tie into your home’s existing electricity and plumbing. Additionally, attached garages fit more seamlessly with the look of your home, as they can be built with similar materials for a more uniform look.

Additional Bedroom and Bathroom

This is a great option for a growing family looking to add more space to their pre-existing home. Add a single room to the side of your home or build up and add a second level. Either way, the value of your home will increase while you get to enjoy the benefits of having more space. You can also go the extra mile by adding a bathroom to your extra room.

A good way to add space and value to your home is through whole home renovations. Because there are so many options to choose from, you can be sure to find one that fits your design goals, your home’s aesthetic, and your budget. Contact experienced design-build remodeling contractors, such as those at McBride Remodeling, today.

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