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3 Tips to Help You Create a Great Kitchen Layout

According to a recent study conducted by Houzz, kitchens were named as the top priority for residential renovations. But while having a new refrigerator or backsplash can be a nice touch, those features aren’t the only ones that are required for a mind-blowing kitchen renovation.

Ultimately, kitchen renovations start with the layout. Ensuring your overall design takes all of the most important components into account will allow you to be more satisfied with your kitchen space for years to come. Below, you’ll find three tips for improving your kitchen layout during a home improvement project.

  1. Place Your Sink and Stove First: Some people will try to center everything around the kitchen island or dining table. But actually, your kitchen layout should center around your sink. That doesn’t mean that your sink has to be in the middle of it all, but it should be located somewhere that’s easy to get to and that provides ample room. Ideally, the sink should be placed somewhere with an excellent view — either with a window facing the outside or with open visibility to the room. Once you know where your sink will go, you’ll want to determine where another key appliance will “live.” The stove serves an essential function for meal preparation, but it actually shouldn’t be located in the center of things. Instead, it’s best to place the stove on an exterior wall. That way, you’ll have an easier time installing proper ventilation during your kitchen renovation and won’t feel cramped when you’re cooking.
  2. Create an Ideal Traffic Pattern: When working with kitchen remodeling services, one of the main features that many homeowners want to improve is the traffic flow. Although the kitchen is always going to be a popular room, there are things you can do to ensure this space doesn’t feel overly crowded. You’ll need to ensure that the main pathway is clear (even when drawers and appliance doors are opened) and that your kitchen doesn’t also serve as an entryway to your home. In addition, you’ll want to work with kitchen remodeling contractors Northern Michigan homeowners trust to ensure there will be ample room between the main appliances and other features of the room. This can result in a more comfortable experience, whether you’re cooking or socializing.
  3. Find the Best Island Position: Although not every kitchen needs an island, many homeowners find that having one can be highly beneficial. An island can serve as a spot for meal preparation, storage, and even dining, depending on its design. The position of your island matters just as much as its shape and size. You’ll need to avoid blocking access to appliances while ensuring that it isn’t situated too far away. If you strike the perfect balance, you’ll be able to prepare meals more easily without feeling like you’re always bumping into something.

Creating the perfect layout is no easy task. But when you work with the kitchen renovation experts, the design phase will be a breeze. For more information on how we can take your kitchen to the next level, please contact McBride Remodeling today.

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