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3 Reason to Choose Whole Home Remodeling for Your House

Choosing to have a whole-house remodel is a weighty decision, and you need to be fully on-board and prepared because the process is best done in one shift. You will get more value from a whole-house remodel if it is properly done by an experienced design-build remodeling contractor. More than 35% of remodels involve the whole home. You may opt for whole home renovations as opposed to selling your house, as your home can fetch more value from a whole home remodel.

When you live in a house long enough, the house may feel too familiar and the excitement of owning your own house may water down. For some people, especially those with less attachment to their homes, selling is the most convenient option. However, if you already love your home, and your immediate family has built a life in the neighborhood it then makes much more sense to do a whole home remodeling. Engaging home addition contractors, in this case, is the best way to begin your whole home remodeling process.

A whole-house renovation includes a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, hallway renovations, basement renovations, and bedroom renovations. Basically, all the major parts of the house will be remodeled to have a great new look that gives your home that classic ambiance. After the whole house remodels are complete, your house will feel better than a new house because the renovations are customized to fit your family’s taste. You can only get this fondness if you engage exceptional home addition contractors to do your whole home renovations.

Here are some benefits of having a whole house remodel done in one go.

1. Whole-House Remodels Eases Financing

Renovating your entire home is not cheap and you may have to dig deeper into your wallet. You may need to loan out money for renovations from your bank. Since home addition contractors will give you a single quote for the entire home renovations, you will not have to go back and forth to your banker to get money for each renovation. Sometimes banks take long to loan out money for house renovations. Therefore, dealing with your bank once is a big plus. Whole-home remodeling contractors make this possible because they take enough time to assess the costing of the renovations and give you a more accurate figure.

2. Whole-Home Renovations Make It Easier to Get Inspection Permits From Your State

Since whole house remodeling will touch all sections of the house, you will need to have licenses for plumbing works, building works, electrical and mechanical works. Your local city inspector will need to issue permits for all these stages, for your renovations to proceed. Therefore, it becomes easy when you have all the renovations at one time because you will only need one round of inspection. Resultantly, your renovations will continue without delays, as would have been the case if you did the renovations one at a time. The process of obtaining permits also has some extra costs tied to it, and this will increase the cost should you choose to renovate in shifts.

3. Whole House Remodeling Enhances Uniformity

If you decide to have the remodeling done in phases, say kitchen first then later the hallway, you might not achieve uniformity. Although it depends on the experience level of home addition contractors. Renovating in sections may not achieve a balanced blend as a whole home renovation would. Having one home addition contractor do your entire renovation also helps to increase the quality and speed of the renovations. As such, you will expect all the renovations to blend uniformly and your house will be as good as new after the remodeling is complete. Additionally, you’ll only have one contractor to blame, should any of the works go south.

Ultimately, whole house renovations will give you more value than renovating your house in sections. If you feel like you want to change your house, you should first consider doing a whole home remodel before selling it. Even if you do sell it after the renovations, it will fetch more money than it would have without the remodeling. To get quality remodeling services contract a home remodeler with more experience.

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