3 Keys to McBride’s Success in Challenging Times

Hesitating to start a home project during uncertain times? You’re not alone. It’s no secret that supply disruptions and worker shortages continue to be an issue in the construction industry. Although some materials are becoming easier to get ahold of, others, such as windows, exterior doors, cabinetry, and countertops, can take months to arrive. Additionally, our trade partners are busier than ever, making scheduling difficult.

Fortunately, McBride Remodeling has the experience, relationships, and skills to navigate these challenges successfully. Here are three ways we’re getting projects done as efficiently as possible and keeping our homeowners happy:

Careful Planning & Organization

Executing a home remodel requires strategic planning, foresight, and meticulous organization. Each project is like a jigsaw puzzle we tackle one piece at a time – looking at all the elements and figuring out the best and most efficient way to put them together. In our 40 years of service to Northern Michigan homeowners, we’ve learned which materials to order first, which parts of the job take longer than others, and how to prioritize to complete the project with the least amount of disruptions. 

Maintaining Strong Relationships

Having the right connections is essential, especially during challenging times. Fortunately, we have strong, established relationships with vendors who can get us what we need when we need it. We always treat them with respect and consider what’s best for them in our planning, and in return, they tolerate our persistent check-ins and phone calls.  

Consistent Communication

At McBride, we pledge consistent communication to our homeowners so they never feel in the dark about the progress of their remodel. Whether we’re moving forward as expected or have reached some bumps in the road, we keep everyone updated and return calls promptly. 

Now is still a good time to remodel despite the challenges we’re facing. Although it may take longer than we’d like, our team is ready to take on your remodeling project and provide you with a positive experience. 

If you have any questions or concerns about an update to your home, contact us