Kitchen Upgrades That Don’t Involve a Large-Scale Remodeling Project

When you think of kitchen renovations you likely think of two things; the cost and the inconvenience. While it is true that large-scale kitchen renovations can be costly and inconvenient, the fact is you have other options for upgrading your kitchen.

Small changes in your kitchen can have a big impact. For example, simply changing out the flooring and adding some paint can easily transform your kitchen space.

Start at the Bottom

The type of flooring in your kitchen can date it. New flooring can instantly update your kitchen and add value to your home. For example, hardwood flooring looks great, is right on trend, and can give you a 106% return on your investment (per CNN Business).

A new floor can easily be installed in a day. It can also be a lot more affordable than you think.

Paint Is an Easy Way to Upgrade

If your cabinets are all highly functional but could use an aesthetic boost, paint is the solution. A quick coat of paint will instantly modernize the look of your cabinets and make your kitchen feel fresh and new.

Painting the walls in your kitchen is also an easy way to upgrade the space. A new color will give your kitchen an entirely new feel.

Open Shelving Opens Up the Space

If you are working with a small kitchen space, you can make it feel larger by removing some cabinets and adding open shelving. Invest in some cute storage containers and canisters to keep the shelves tidy. Open shelves serve two purposes. They give you more storage space, and when organized right, is a focal point.

Update Your Hardware and Faucet

Changing the hardware in your kitchen is easy and can instantly modernize the room. Kitchen renovations do not have to be large, costly, and tons of work to get the impact that you want. Add a new faucet to modernize your space and add function.

Add New Lighting

Switch out old, outdated fixtures for new lighting fixtures. Group pendant lighting in threes for a dramatic impact. Lighting sets the atmosphere in the room and can add a decorator’s touch.

Have Fun with Your Kitchen Projects

Kitchen renovations do not have to be big imposing events, they can be simple changes. The right support can make all your renovation projects easier.